Malaysia Offers Faster E-Visa (Medical) Application For Bangladeshi Healthcare Travellers

Publish: 9:08 PM, October 4, 2022 | Update: 9:08 PM, October 4, 2022

The recent Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum announced more seamless access to quality healthcare in Malaysia for Bangladeshi healthcare travellers.

4 OCTOBER 2022; DHAKA, BANGLADESH – The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) hosted the Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum today, with Her Excellency Haznah Md Hashim, Malaysia’s High Commissioner to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, as the Chief Guest.

Aimed at showcasing Malaysia Healthcare’s presence and offerings in Bangladesh, the forum was attended by participants from both Bangladesh and Malaysia, including media and press, corporate C-suites from banks, insurance companies, tourism and travel companies, and local hospitals, as well as representatives from MHTC member hospitals, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, and other stakeholders.

“On behalf of the High Commission of Malaysia in Dhaka, I applaud the efforts of MHTC in organising the Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum. Malaysia and Bangladesh have long been devoted friends and we are happy to extend a myriad of healthcare offerings with the right balance of quality, accessibility, and affordability to all healthcare travellers from Bangladesh,” said H.E. Haznah Md. Hashim.

Among the highlights of the Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum was the announcement of GD Assist Limited (GD Assist), as MHTC’s referral partner and official representative in Bangladesh. GD Assist has been a long advocate of Malaysia Healthcare in Bangladesh and brings with them years of experience working closely with facilitating healthcare travellers’ journeys to Malaysia.

“MHTC recognises how crucial it is to maintain partnerships which continually uphold patient safety and experience standards, in building trust with our healthcare travellers. It is key for Malaysia Healthcare to identify and join forces with partners who share the same value system and commitment towards medical and service excellence,” said Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer of MHTC.

During the Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum, Malaysia was showcased for its commitment to offering Bangladeshi healthcare travellers a more seamless end-to-end patient journey experience as well as their strengths as a globally recognised healthcare destination. As a renowned global halal hub, Malaysia Healthcare provides halal menus and prayer facilities at hospitals, porcine-free medical products such as sutures and vaccines, and is equipped with Muslim medical professionals and personnel, both male and female. As a leading global destination for Muslim-friendly travel, Malaysia Healthcare ensures the needs of Muslim healthcare travellers are carefully incorporated into every step of the healthcare travel journey.

Mohd Daud elaborated that healthcare travellers from Bangladesh now have access to fast-tracked e-Visa (Medical) which will shorten the application process to between three to five working days (including up to 48 hours processing once submitted to High Commission office), should they apply MHTC’s referral partner or agents appointed by the High Commission of Malaysia. The e-Visa (Medical) will allow easier and more cost-effective extension of stay for both the patient and for up to two (2) medical companions, according to treatment need, as well as a more seamless arrival process (further progressive announcements on the e-Visa (Medical) facility will be made in 2023).

“As we move into endemicity, patient experience takes centerstage for us and remains the focus as we ramp up efforts to recover from the pandemic and rebuild the industry. Recognising the importance of digitalisation, we have embarked on building a digital framework that is focused on enhancing the digital touchpoints in the patient experience journey, beginning from our website at and soon with the One Stop Portal (OSP) which functions as a trusted digital front door for healthcare travellers. We are excited to unveil the OSP targeted for this month, so do visit our website for announcements. We are also actively exploring avenues to establish stronger partnerships at the regional and global levels through events such as the Malaysia Healthcare Business Forum,” said Mohd Daud.

The event also witnessed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exchange between MHTC and several significant parties, including Bangladesh Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BMCCI), and Prime Bank Limited, Shimanto Bank Limited, to demonstrate these parties’ commitment in assisting healthcare travellers from Bangladesh to make their way to Malaysia.

According to Mohd Daud, a few upcoming partnerships can be expected, including with medical universities, the banking industry, and the commerce sector, with the goal of enhancing Malaysia Healthcare’s top-tier visibility and fostering trust in Bangladesh through the partners’