Ctg 12: Helal Akbar seeks vote for ‘boat’

Publish: 8:56 AM, December 29, 2023 | Update: 8:56 AM, December 29, 2023

SM Akash, Bureau Chief, Ctg : The former Central Awami Jubo League Deputy Finance Secretary Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babor on Thursday sought vote for a boat vote for Freedom Fighter Motaherul Islam Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League nominated candidate for Chattogram-12 (Patiya) constituency in upcoming 12th National Parliament Elections. 

Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babor and Former leaders of Chattogram Metropolitan Chhatra League conducted mass communication and distributed leaflets in various places of Patia upazila. Helal Akbar made a speech asking for votes in favor of the boat at the mass contact.

During the road meeting, Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babor spoke and remarked, South Chattogram was a neglected town since independence. But after Sheikh Hasina’s government came to power, the face of this town has changed. Development has changed the neglected South Chattogram area.

Former student leader Helal also said, Awami League government’s grand campaign of good governance and development has reached the homes of Patia area.  Alongside the area’s population’s self-social development has comes economic prosperity. Sheikh Hasina has changed the fate of Patia people.

“Therefore, it is the responsibility of the people of Patia to make Freedom Fighter Motaherul Islam Chowdhury, the candidate of the boat symbol nominated by Sheikh Hasina, a big winner in the January 7 election in the country,” he added.

The mass communication was attended by Ctg Metropolitan Chhatra League former President MR Azim, Metropolis Secha Sebok League President Debashish Nath Debu, Ctg Metropolitan Jubo League Vice President Nurul Anwar, Former student leaders Zafar Ullah, Litu Das Bablu, Rajib Dutt Rinku, Asif Munna, City Secha Sebok League Vice President Manowar Jahan Moni, Habib Ullah Nahid, Kazi Alamgir, Farukul Islam Ankur, and Md. Delwar.