Evaly returning in style with ‘big bang’ offer

Publish: 7:45 PM, December 29, 2023 | Update: 7:45 PM, December 29, 2023

TBT Report: Evaly, much talked about ecommerce platform in the country, is set to return in style with special campaign of ‘big bang’ offer on this weekend. Evaly’s founder and chief executive officer Mohammad Rassel is scheduled to announce the campaign on Facebook Live tonight to reconnect the customers. The ecommerce platform, in a press note on Thursday, termed the ‘Big Bang’ offer biggest ever in the history of Evaly. Samsung, Minister, Jamuna, Unilever, TK group, SENA, TEER, and NOKIA have been connected to the ‘Big Bang’ offer along with other reputed companies. Customers will receive products through eCourier within 72 hours of placing the order.The customer will first understand the product and then pay the money under COD (Cash on Delivery) method. The customer will get the best product he wants quickly without hassle, according to the press release.Basically, the merchant will directly deliver the product to the customer through eCourier after seeing the orders that will come in Evaly. eCourier will pay the merchant after receiving the money for the product. Evaly will only get its dividend from the merchant. Regarding the campaign, Evaly founder and CEO Mohammad Rassel said that the suppliers have been waiting for a long time to give the best offers to customers. “Hundreds of sellers have already announced their offers. This long distance can only be bridged through the ‘Big Bang’ offer of Evaly. We will make history together. Evaly is set to make another history of victory, a history of making the impossible possible,” he said.