Which type of desktop PC to buy?

Publish: 4:58 PM, November 2, 2023 | Update: 4:58 PM, November 2, 2023

Desktop is something that almost everyone uses. Because, nowadays desktop PC is needed for school, college, freelancing, graphics, animation, university assignment, presentation from office court. But finding good and quality desktop is a lot of burden. So today, we will discuss about five types of PC, from which you will be able to do all kinds of work. Let’s get to the main discussion then.

Five Types of Desktop Requirements and Details

Before buying a good quality computer, it is important to know what kind of computer or PC actually works. Below we have discussed five common types of Desktop PC in detail so that you can quickly choose the right computer for your work.

1. Brand PC

The brand PC has no match to compete with all the other reputed PC companies in the world. Any common PC brand PC is unique. This type of PC can be said to be a useful device for those who perform basic internet browsing, Facebook, internet, general office software on a low budget. Also, if you want to get basic functions along with a slightly better processor like 4GB RAM, 9TB storage, and 28GB SSD then you can choose this type of PC. On this type of PC you can quickly complete any freelancing work including graphics, web design, video editing, digital marketing. A brand PC in Bangladesh will cost Tk 50,000-30,000. And the price of secondhand will be 10,000 Taka.

2. Custom PC

Another attraction for everyone in terms of popularity is the custom PC. You can make this type of PC as per your convenience. You can make a PC together by verifying everything directly in Bengali. In that case, the PC parts may be of different brands or of the same brand. To build a PC you basically need to buy good quality CPU, motherboard, RAM, storage, graphics card, casing, power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Then from any computer store you can connect them and make a PC. A customized PC in Bangladesh will cost around 50,000-45,000 taka.

3. All in one PC

An all-in-one PC is said to be a hybrid of a computer and a laptop. There is only one monitor inside which the computer’s external devices are pre-built. Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc. famous PCs are available in Bangladesh at present. Those who always have to do heavy work on a laptop or PC but on the one hand it is difficult to carry the PC away for the convenience of work, on the other hand laptop use for graphics, animation, video editing, illustrator etc. is not always useful.

And so all-in-one PC is the only hope for solving such problems. And the price of these PCs is within reach. Your maximum budget to buy an all-in-one PC should beTk60,000-50,000. But more advanced PCs will cost between 1,25,000-1,50,000 taka.

4. Mini PC

Mini PC is the most popular in the PC world. Although it looks like an Apple laptop, there is a huge difference in its length and width. In a mid-sized mini PC you get Windows and iOS operating systems, updated RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. A mini PC commonly available in Bangladesh will cost Tk 16,000-18,999. And the best function will cost between 40,000-45,000 Taka.

5. Large PC or, Work Station PC

Monitorized or Large PC is basically a special type of computer which is used only for scientific research. This type of computer is used to control the CCTV footage of large research centers, agricultural laboratories, sky, planetary-satellite laboratories, industrial centers, mills, factories, homes, offices and courts. In an organization, multiple such computers are connected through a local area network. Its highest price in Bangladesh will be between 75,000 to 1,00,000 taka.


Even if it is small, I hope that after reading the above description, you will not have to be confused about the types of PC or computer from today. The biggest advantage of PC is its high configuration power and long durability. A good quality PC can easily last you an age which is never possible with a laptop or other device.So don’t delay and get your favorite PC at home by checking it out from Bdstall.com today.