Infobip hosts an exclusive webinar on “Turbocharge Your Ramadan Sales with Conversational Experience”

Publish: 10:34 PM, March 8, 2023 | Update: 10:34 PM, March 8, 2023

7th March 2023, Dhaka: Global cloud communications platform Infobip, hosted an exclusive live webinar that focuses on how enterprises can effectively increase their sales during Ramadan by leveraging conversational experiences. The virtual event successfully brought together industry leaders from various sectors in Bangladesh, including Retail & E-commerce and Digital Natives.

The webinar commenced with a presentation by Sk. Nafiz Al-Amin, Customer Success Partner, Infobip Bangladesh. Nafiz extensively discussed how Infobip helps brands to harness the power of conversational experiences using WhatsApp as a channel provider. He further explained how the company facilitates seamless connections between businesses and their customers, inspiring clients to deliver more personalized products and services with maximum efficiency during the festive season.

Following that, Nitish Narayanan, Principal Sales Engineer, Infobip led an insightful session ‘Tips and Tricks’ where he shared the most effective ways of using conversational channels like WhatsApp to generate and convert leads, especially during the festive season. He also emphasized the significance of deploying WhatsApp as an essential channel throughout the customer journey, as doing so can drastically improve sales results and ensue customer satisfaction.

An informative panel discussion on “Building trust and loyalty through Conversational Experience on Digital Platforms” marked the end of the webinar. The discussion was joined by renowned industry experts, including Md. Towfique Hasan, Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development, Bashundhara Group; Armanur Rahman, Head of Bangladesh and East India, Uber; Omer Sharif, Head of Growth,, and moderated by Shoubhik Das, Strategic Accounts & Partnership Manager, Infobip. These panelists discussed how Retail & eCommerce brands eagerly anticipate Ramadan to launch personalized campaigns and maximize sales. Many of these brands have found that technology is an invaluable tool for establishing meaningful connections with their customers through contextual communication. The session primarily emphasized the importance of utilizing current digital platforms to reach potential customers, and how doing so can lead to the maximum return on investment (ROI). The conversation also covered how WhatsApp Business Platform, combined with Infobip solutions, can aid companies across sectors nurture leads, increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, improve support, boost retention, and repeat sales during festive times.