Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a unique personality of Bangladesh

Publish: 4:33 PM, August 18, 2023 | Update: 4:33 PM, August 18, 2023

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury, one of the content creators, influencers and social activists of Bangladesh is now spending time with the flood victims of Chittagong. Who was by the side of all the affected people in all the calamities of the country even before.

In 2017, millions of Rohingya sought refuge in the Teknaf-Ukhia border area of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, due to the persecution of Rohingya by the junta government of Myanmar. Due to the sudden influx of such a large number of people into the country, there is a shortage of basic necessities, including food. The refugees were living an inhumane life. Meanwhile, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury, with his father, rushed to the Rohingya refugees of Cox’s Bazar with 50 trucks of relief goods worth about Tk 2 crore. These relief items included a large amount of food, clothing, medical supplies, and accessories.

In 2018, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury organized an exceptional program called “Ralzan in Youth’s Thoughts” with several thousand students from four colleges in Raozan, Chittagong, namely Raozan Government College, Imam Ghazzali University College, Gahira Degree College, and Noapara University College. In this event, all young generations of Raozan are invited to come together to make Raozan beautiful and tidy and try to coordinate their plans for Raozan.

After that, he undertook another exceptional program called the “Clean Raozan Campaign”. On December 16, 2018, on the day of Great Victory Day, at noon, 1 Yoga created awareness among the common people by organizing cleanliness programs in the entire Raozan. His program got a huge response from the young generation and social media. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury has played a major role in preventing social disharmony. He disciplined children who misbehaved with their parents, including by preventing evictions in educational institutions, standing by helpless families, and helping them get rid of drugs, gambling, child marriage, abuse of women, extortion, usurpation, and dowry. Intervened in the matter of harassment of common customers in the electricity office for the convenience of the people, intervened in collecting extra money from students for filling up forms in colleges, and took initiative to reduce the bus fare for students. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury stood by the needy and poor students by paying money for form filling and providing textbooks and cash to students of various classes. He also ran various times with food and gifts for orphaned and abandoned children. Apart from looking after the neglected parents of the old age home, he celebrated Eid and took Ramadan Iftar with them. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury has taken various exceptional initiatives, including debating competitions, quiz competitions, painting competitions, essay competitions, and book fairs, for students’ skill development and nourishment. Not only that, but he also arranged to honor retired teachers from various schools, colleges, and madrasha.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury set a brave example of humanity by risking his life when public life was disrupted due to the dreaded Corona virus in 2020. During such a difficult time, he personally came directly to distribute hand sanitizers and disinfectants, distribute relief, provide door-to-door relief, masks and other protective equipment, provide cash for development, and transport fish and vegetables in mobile vehicles. During the month of Ramadan, 2,000 per day for 30 days, a Seheri food supply program for 60,000 doctors, nurses, and law enforcement personnel was led by him. He also took the initiative to construct an isolation center, the burial of 100 dead people, an ambulance service for 500 people, and telemedicine services for around 5,000 patients with 100 doctors over the telephone.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury collected about 50 lakh taka of medicines for the innocent and oppressed Muslims of Palestine who were attacked by the Israeli barbaric forces. These were sent to the affected people through the Bangladesh government and the Palestinian embassy.He also helped pay the debts of poor people of various professions, starting with farmers, fishermen, and tailors in marginal towns. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury provided various items, from the gift of religious books to the provision of drinking water, to the various religious sub-sanctuaries of mankind, as well as various mosques, temples, and pagodas. He provided food along with educational material to some schools for street children in Dhaka. When a slum fire broke out in Dhaka’s Mohakhali, he helped with a large amount of aid material in a short time. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury organized a cleaning program around Chittagong Medical College (Chamek) Hospital, starting with food, medicine, milk, and cash to help the injured patients in the wake of the terrible fire at the BM Container Depot in Sitakunda, Chittagong. This was appreciated everywhere at the time.

He stood by the side of humanity, endangered by the terrible flood of memory. In 2022, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury provided relief materials, built 501 houses, and provided 100 sacrificial cows for 50 thousand people affected by severe floods in Sylhet, Sunamganj, Kurigram, Kishoreganj, and Netrakona.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury sent about 3.5 million taka worth of dry food, wearable clothes, medical supplies, and ancillary goods to the affected people in three phases through the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka in order to stand by the endangered humanity of Turkey affected by the terrible earthquake.

In the holy month of Ramadan in 2023, hundreds of traders were greatly affected by the terrible fire in Bangabazar, Dhaka. They lost everything and became destitute. Even the businesses started with their loan money are destroyed by fire, and many have to sit on the road.Mr. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury appeared as a light of hope in such a difficult situation. He greatly assisted the affected businessmen of Bangabazar. On the day of the fire, he rushed and distributed Seheri food to 2,000 people that night.Along with this, he collected the abandoned wet clothes from the affected traders of Bangabazar and helped them with cash money of around 1 crore taka. Along with this, he handed over the goods worth 1 crore taka to other affected traders.Another 15 lakh taka have been given to the traders of Bangabazar by exhibiting abandoned clothes at the Palestine Embassy in Dhaka. The way in which Mr. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury has helped more than a hundred businessmen become fully independent in this transitional period for the country is truly exemplary.

Mr. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury immediately rushed to Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar, identified as the potentially affected area of cyclone Mokha, which hit the Bay of Bengal coast on May 14, 2023, with relief materials for 500 volunteers and 2000 families. During the cyclone, Teknaf upazila’s red zone, Shah Parir Island on the Bay of Bengal coast, stood next to the affected people and emerged as a symbol of hope. He helped the affected people in various areas, including Jalia Para, Pilot High School, and Ejahar High School in Teknaf. He also contributed financially to the construction of a complete mosque on the cyclone-ravaged island of St. Martin.

Also, he has undertaken various self-employment projects while working for the people of the country. Therefore, by the “ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury Foundation,” established in the name of his father, 9 houses, 10 shops, scholarships to 3 thousand students, sewing machines to 50 families, winter clothes to 20 thousand people, and winter clothes to 300 women, materials for small cottage industries, medical assistance to 1000 people, free medicine to 2000 people, assistance to 500 disabled people, and Eid gifts to 5000 students have been provided by Faraaz Karim Chowdhury.