Altamis Nabil’s ‘Oscarnama’ at Ekushe Book Fair

Publish: 4:27 PM, February 19, 2023 | Update: 4:27 PM, February 19, 2023

A research-based book analyzing the best films of the Academy Awards or Oscar, one of the best annual awards for films in the world, has been published in this year’s Dhaka Ekushey Book Fair. The book titled ‘Oscarnama’ is written by Md Altamis Nabil and published by Shova Prokash. Regarding the book, its author Altamis Nabil said, “In 1895, the journey of a new art medium called ‘Film’ began in the world with the documentary style short film made by the Lumiere Brothers in France. After that, more than a hundred years have passed in the history of film. According to IMDb data, from 1900 to now an average of 2,577 films are released in the world every year. In this small human life, even 1 percent of the film viewing is not realistically possible for the general audience. There are various film awards in the world to reward the best films. Among them, the Oscar or the Academy Award is universally recognized. The first Oscar in 1929, From Best Picture of this Season ‘Wings’ to Best Picture the latest Oscar winner ‘Coda’, the book discusses all the best films that have won.” In addition to the discussion of the noted movies, QR codes have been added at the end of the articles through which the readers can see the official trailers of the Oscar-winning classic films by scanning them on mobile phones.

Altamis Nabil is currently working as a head of the department in a ICT based company named Miaki, besides writing and making documentary films regularly. Apart from this, he is serving as the Vice President of the international voluntary organization Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bangladesh. He also established a social startup B. Positive Foundation out of socio-economic responsibilities. Oscarnama is his fifth solo book published. Earlier he published ‘Maharaja Tomare Selam’, ‘Lumiere Theke Hiralal’, ‘Let There Be Light’ and ‘Banglar Cholocchitropath’. The cover of the book is designed by Sajjadul Islam Sayeem. The book is available at Shova Prokash (Suhrawardy Udyan, Pavilion No. 11) at the Book Fair. Apart from this, it can be bought from all the major bookstores of the country, including the popular e-commerce site