Mahamudur Rashid is a successful entrepreneur of TR block.

Publish: 5:38 PM, December 4, 2022 | Update: 5:38:PM, December 4, 2022

The young entrepreneur is encouraging everyone to use concrete blocks as building materials instead of bricks. Success has been achieved by setting up a factory in the concrete block. He claims that this block is 100% environmentally friendly.

Mahamudur Rashid has expressed concern that the average life expectancy of human life is constantly being threatened every day starting from crop lands due to bricks and brick kilns. So he started a different kind of business where there would be no harm to the environment or the public. Mahamudur Rashid said that this business is 100% environment friendly.

He took the initiative to make ‘concrete blocks’ as construction materials instead of bricks to change the construction technique of the installation. Formed ‘TR Block Manufacturing Company’ (Tr block manufactur company). Eco-friendly concrete blocks are being constructed there. The demand of this block is also increasing day by day as it is environment friendly.

Mahamudur Rashid is a successful entrepreneur, musician artist , influential writer, web developer and cyber security expert. He has written several books on music culture as well.

Talking to Mahamudur Rashid, a son of Kankirhat in Senbagh, Noakhali district, it is known that thinking differently is the biggest achievement of this young man.

He started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 21 and has reached the pinnacle of success today. It has been successful, but it took three years. He thinks of doing something different from others. He thinks that the thought of doing something different has been helpful behind his success.

Mahamudur Rashid said, “My literary life started with a book called ‘The Last Letter’. It is available on several platforms around the world, including GoogleBook and AmazonBook.