Bangladeshi singer anik sahan is back again

Publish: 6:54 PM, September 29, 2022 | Update: 6:54 PM, September 29, 2022

About a century ago, it was the time of Arefin Rumi, Jewel, Imran, Milan, Naomi, Kana, Nadi, Pashadis. The music market is busy and the audience is humming the new songs of artists. At that time, a new youth appeared in the music industry, whose name is Anik Sahan.

A song titled ‘Janam Janam’ was released in 2013, which received great response from the audience. In that song, another popular singer Sabrina Saba has given a duet with Anik. The sweet romantic song of the words ‘Janam janam tomake kache pete chai, tumi chara a jeevane apon keh nai’ was on the lips of the listeners at that time.

After this song which got a huge response, the singer went into hiding for a while. It is known that he suddenly fell ill in 2014. He was immediately taken to America’s New Jersey for surgery. He recovered and returned to the country the following year. After recovery, he presented several new songs to the audience.

But unfortunately on the way back home he had another road accident and fell seriously ill. He could not concentrate on music due to various therapies. Then at the beginning of 2022, after 8 long years, he recovered and started his old music journey with new enthusiasm.

Anik Sahan said that the video shooting of his three songs has been completed in the meantime. All the songs are shot in different charming natural environment of Chittagong. In all the songs he has shown innovation in his old style. To impress the audience, Anik Sahan will release three consecutive songs within this year from his own YouTube channel “Anik Sahan”.

Anik Sahan said, I feel very sad when I remember that year 2013. How did I introduce myself to everyone? But I could not imagine that fate would be so cruel. However, I did not lose to luck, I continued the song regularly. Now I’m back to music again. Several music videos have been completed. And some more lyrics are being worked on, some new faces may be added to the new songs. If everything goes well, the songs will be on my YouTube within a few days. Hope everyone will like the songs.