The story of a magician: Hrazu

Publish: 4:59 PM, April 29, 2021 | Update: 4:59:PM, April 29, 2021

Magician Razu is a Bangladeshi Magician, illusionist and endurance artist. His full name Sajedur Rahman Razeeb known as Hrazu. He was born in Faridpur district in the Dhaka division.

Magician Hrazu, nowadays, the name that comes to mind when we hear about magic. An ordinary man but full of talent. Magician Razu is basically known among the people mainly through the magic. He says a lot more about magic and sorcerers always. His most interesting thing is that he shows magic among the common people on the streets According to him, magic is for every one of all ages.

From the very beginning of civilization, people have a keen interest in magic and sorcery. Most of all know or think, magic means to be or do something supernatural. Magic is a supernatural force or power that can do the impossible, such as making people invisible or controlling natural phenomena. However, Hrazu, the renowned magician of Bangladesh who believes magic is an art that can make people laugh, give joy, and relieve frustration. In other words, magic is capable of entertaining people. According to him, a magician means a kind of actor who is playing the role of a magician. Only when a magician is successful can his amazing magic put a smile on someone’s face. Not only this, with the help of magic you can do wonders. Magic is for every one of all ages.

Hrazu is one of the well-known magicians of today. He is a very ordinary man. But there is no end to his qualities. Besides his amazing magic, his hobbies are painting, playing the flute and cooking. However, he is a microbiologist but completed MBA and LLM too. He was a painter from his childhood. He has been awarded several times for his paintings.Hrazu was in a search for the art form that can really connect with people always. And then he found the beauty of magic.He realises Only magic gives someone the vast opportunity to connect with people. According to him, If anyone sees he is making self-levitation, that time every type of people are interested to know how he doing it. This matter inspired him and after watching David Blaine’s TV show at his early age, he really got inspired. That time he thought to be a magician.

He was asked that how would he describe magician life? He said, you have to very much be dedicated to your magician life. You have to work hard. Being magician my life is not too much simple. Though I like to maintain my life as a simple person. People think a magician is an extraordinary person who can do anything. Sometimes I feel mischievous but I can’t express. One day my mom was sick and I was very sad. After coming out from my home people requested me repeatedly for showing magic. I could not tell I am not in a normal situation. At last, I showed them magic. Very honestly, I love them a lot. For them today I am Hrazu. I really respect them.

Alongside the magic, we know him as a bansuri player who plays the flute with his wonderful tune. We see an impossibly beautiful canvas drawn by his hand always. We see him on the screen of the play. We see him with magic in various entertainment pages. Recently, He has also revealed the magic of his writing for the fans. Magician Razu’s first publication ‘Umbrella’ has been published at the 2021 Amar Ekushey Book Fair. The book was published by the publishing company ‘Wizard Publication’ at the fair. The book is first publishing in 1426 Chaitra / April 2021. The cover, planning and illustration of the book is done by Sudipta Sikder.

There are thousands of such talents hidden in Raju. One by one, they are being exposed to the world of his imagination. Among his many identities, He is a social worker. He is engaged in medical services.

Hrazu is a good painter, he is one of the finest magician of Bangladesh, he is an actor, director and much more! Surprisingly, he is unique in every category! This is how the story of an ordinary person becomes to lime light.