Criminals to be dealt with iron hands: Kamal

Publish: 7:35 PM, January 11, 2021 | Update: 7:35:PM, January 11, 2021

DHAKA,  – Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today categorically said that criminals, wrongdoers, troublemakers and religious fanatics who are involved in creating panic and anarchy in the country, would be dealt with iron hand.

“Following ‘zero tolerance policy’ against militancy and terrorism, the law enforcing agencies are on utmost alert and vigilant to deal with the extremists, militants and other criminals, he told BSS.

Kamal said stern actions will be taken against those who are found involved in creating anarchy and other offences in the country.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is committed to build Bangladesh as a safe haven for all people though stamping out terrorism, militancy and their sinister forces ,” he said.

The minister alleged that a vested quarter is trying to trapdoor conspiracy in the name of Islamic Militant State to destabilize the country adding but present government has been striving hard to deal with terrorism, militancy and all sorts of crimes with strong hand in order to ensure peace and harmony in the country.”

He said people of all religions are living in Bangladesh peacefully, as the country under the bold and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is marching forward in the high way of development with the vision to turn the country into middle income state by 2021.

Talking to BSS, Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) and Head of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Unit (CTTC) Md Monirul Islam said law enforcement agencies destroyed the militants’ dens and their networks across the country.

“Police and intelligence agencies are alert in dealing with any untoward situation for safety and security of the people,” he said.

Md Monirul Islam said the government never allows any sort of criminal activities in the country.

Apart from this, various measures were taken to build awareness across the country through educational institutions and Imams of mosques.

“We can assert that we will not allow any chaotic situation in the country as the government is determined to root out terrorism and militancy from the country,” he said.