9 make-up mistakes most women make

Publish: 9:05 PM, October 13, 2019 | Update: 9:05:PM, October 13, 2019

Think you have your make-up mantra all crafted up your sleeve? It may seem that way but a little blooper here and there in the way of leaky eyeliner or a shiny T-zone can ruin everything. Here are nine ways in which your beauty regimen can go awry (and be solved, too)
1. Overdoing the face powder
Yes, the step of using a face powder is a must. But while it can appear to smoothen out lines and pores, applying too much of it will make you look too pale.
2. Foundation, first
Do not skip the foundation. Apply it first, and follow it up with the concealer. Foundation can either leave the skin looking glowy and refreshed or patchy, like you have a mask on. So, use these tricks. First select a shade that matches your complexion. Add a little on your palm and apply at the center of the face. Blend it outwards in a gentle motion with a damp sponge. It should look even on the face.
3. Contrasting concealer
Always use a concealer that matches your face type. Rule is: when using it under the eye, select a shade that’s just a shade lighter
than your own skin tone. For the cheeks and rest of the face, use a concealer colour that matches the colour of the foundation that you will be using. Do not go too light or you will risk sporting white, patchy circles. Also, if you have an oily skin, use a matte finish concealer and if you have dry skin, opt for a slightly shiny-finish look.
4. Making the blush stand out
Blush can make or break the whole look, and far too often, women overdo the blush powder. Yes, it can highlight contours, but just let it define the face gently. Too much rose or pink shaded blush will look clownish.
5. Leaking kohl
Eye make-up is a must, but do not go too heavy as there is a risk of it appearing to ‘leak’. A kohl liner that comes out of the corners of the eyes can make you look like a watercolour. So, either opt for waterproof eye make-up or apply a layer of compact powder over the eye before applying eyeliner, which allows the oils secreted by the skin to be absorbed by the powder.
6. Lip trouble
A seemingly simple task of dabbing on lipstick actually has a method to it! You can start off with using a lip liner before applying your lip colour for a fuller lip appearance (this is a part that most busy women avoid). Rule is: rich, dark-toned hues flatter thicker lips and lighter shades work better with narrower lips. Also, nude shades are not meant to be worn at any time. Restrict them to a daytime look, only.
7. The right lighting
When you are applying make-up, be sure to do so in the right lighting. Natural lighting works best for skin.
8. Battleground T-zone
Does your nose shine out in pictures, whether you are sweating or not? Credit that to the oily T-zone that can prevent the make-up from looking even. This area around the bridge of the nose tends to glisten. Use a mattifying primer to control the oil and shine in the area and even out the skin’s texture. Then blend in the foundation.
9. Don’t stop at the jawline
A common mistake that people make is just blend the make-up till the jawline. But experts advocate going all the way till the neck as that is visible, too. Blend the make-up downwards so that the face matches the neck area. You cannot have one shade on your face and paler or darker look in contrast on the neck.
|Source: TOI]