The wisdom fair – A transformative journey of art and psychology

Publish: 8:27 PM, February 27, 2024 | Update: 8:27 PM, February 27, 2024

Zerin Zeba Khan : Have you ever felt caught up in the busy city life, attracted by its exciting exterior but sensing something not quite right beneath the surface? In the midst of our hectic lives, have you ever wished for a bit of wisdom to bring some order to the chaos? Well, your unspoken desires have not fallen on deaf ears. “MajhaMajhi” not only hears your silent plea but is downright exhilarated to extend an exclusive invitation, beckoning you to embark on a two-day odyssey into self-discovery. Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Wisdom Fair, unfolding on the 29th of February and 1st of March 2024, from 10 am to 9 pm, at the Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park in Gulshan-2, Dhaka.

The Wisdom Fair is not merely another event; it’s a psychological knowledge fair where art and psychology seamlessly intertwine in a creative dance. Have you ever pondered the origins of your emotions – be it anxiety, anger, or happiness? At the Wisdom Fair, we unravel the science behind these emotions, delving into their profound impact on our lives.

This event is custom-made for seekers of wisdom – those yearning for answers, eager to comprehend the echoes of childhood in their adult lives. It’s a journey into the self that transcends conventional norms, immersing you in a world where art becomes the language to articulate the intricacies of the mind. Our childhood memories endure, shaping our adult lives.

All our lives, we’ve strived to meet everyone’s expectations, seeking validations and wondering why we do what we do. Sometimes, the answers lie in knowledge that may help you understand yourself better. In school, we learn about math and English, but we rarely learn how to understand our own emotions – why we can’t control our fear and anger. Where does it all begin? Here comes a moment of reflection, understanding these emotions.

At MajhaMajhi, we are not just event organizers; we are ‘shopnerkarigors,’ architects of change on a mission to instigate a revolution within ourselves. Imagine,dedicating a day to self-discovery at the Wisdom Fair, featuring conceptual art installations that blend art with science to elucidate various types of trauma, including the profound effects of sexual abuse on the body and mind. An art installation made of steel offers a fresh perspective, showcasing this material, typically associated with infrastructure development, as a medium to convey a unique narrative. Here, steel serves as a medium to narrate a story about societal conditions through artistic expression, challenging conventional messages ingrained in us during our upbringing, questioning norms like “good girls don’t do this” or “real men do that.” This installation provides diverse experiences, presenting an alternative way to learn through the fusion of art and science.

We’ve organized a day filled with psychological games facilitated by psychology students. Engage in activities such as decoding your love language and that of your partner, sharing stories about your childhood parenting styles to discover your attachment style. These enjoyable games aim to provide insights into your personality and relationships, making the learning process both enjoyable and self-reflective.

Get ready for a day brimming with psychology fun games, exploration of love languages, attachment styles, street performances, live art, and an interactive stage play. MorshedMishu, a Forbes Asia 30 under 30 listee, will not only showcase his art but also deliver a captivating performance on generational trauma. Joining him is Sarah Alam, an artist who will take you on an emotional journey through an interactive stage play.

Behind the scenes, our team is a diverse blend of psychologists, businessmen, artists, Gen Z innovators, and MouloviAbdul Hye Memorial Trust (MAHM).Moulovi Abdul Hye Memorial Trust, with two decades of experience in uplifting highly marginalized communities, especially adolescent girls. The Trust operates a model school with active clubs and scholarship opportunities for skill development, dedicated to dismantling harmful social norms hindering women’s empowerment.MahminRahmin’s Event & Beyond masterfully crafts the Wisdom Fair, seamlessly blending art and nature at Shahabuddin Park. In this enchanting environment, explore the intertwining threads of self-discovery, where every corner unveils the beauty of psychological insights within the embrace of nature’s wonders.

In our collaborative experience, ideas flow freely, culminating in an event that mirrors the dynamism of our team. We don’t profess to have all the answers, but we bring science to the forefront without providing advice. In our initiative spanning Gopalgonj and Dhaka Metropolitan, we strategically engage youth to foster local and national impact. We involve psychology students to unravel the scientific dimensions of GBV, particularly sexual violence. Through the movement, we are engaging with marginalized students at the local level, as well as youth at the Dhaka level, to amplify their voices against harmful social norms that contribute to sexual violence and victim-blaming. At the Dhaka level, we have engaged with artists, the private sector, and the academic sector to collaborate and change the narration – #revolutionwithin.

The Wisdom Fair is initiating a movement #revolutionwithin to encourage reflection rather than pointing a finger at someone else. As Carl Jung said, thinking is difficult; hence, most people judge. A team mix of different backgrounds comes together to create a tolerant community.

Our journey is indebted to the wisdom of professionals like Dr. Gabor and the wealth of psychological knowledge that shapes our thoughts. The Wisdom Fair draws inspiration from the 19th-century Renaissance movement, where art was the language of self-expression. “Breaking the Chains – Changing the Narration” is our groundbreaking initiative, funded by the Canada High Commission-Canada Fund for Local Initiative.

Our primary goal is to revolutionize the narrative surrounding challenging topics like trauma and triggers. With your esteemed support, we aim to foster a progressive and trauma-informed community. Join us in reshaping the conversation around trauma with the theme “Turn Your Wound into Wisdom.”

The Wisdom Fair isn’t just an event; it’s a social behavior change movement that integrates psychology to create a trauma-informed society. Through art installations, performance art, and healing methods, we target behavior change, reduce discrimination, and eliminate victim-blaming. Join us in building an empathetic society free from these chains.

At the Wisdom Fair, eight art installations will illuminate the science behind the effects of sexual abuse on adult lives. Studies reveal that 75% of sexual violence victims suffer more from societal and family blaming, shaming, and a culture of silence. Our psychologists and artists collaborate to provide scientific explanations and effective coping strategies through art installations, games, and activities exploring emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety.

Our vision is to revolutionize the mental health dialogue in Bangladesh by drawing inspiration from the Renaissance period, forging strategic alliances with grassroots organizations. As an example, world leaders have ADHD, highlighting the need for an inclusive approach to mental health.

Embark on this transformative journey with us at the Wisdom Fair, where art meets psychology, and the self meets its reflection. Let’s explore the depths of our minds and turn wounds into wisdom. Together, let’s change the narration and write a better future for Bangladesh. We dream. See you at the event! In this captivating journey, immerse yourself in the synergy of art and psychology, unlocking the mysteries of the mind. Join us at the Wisdom Fair, where the power of reflection meets the canvas of transformation.

The writer is the founder of ‘Majhamajhi’