US’s goal not interfere polls, to allow people to elect leaders: Haas

Publish: 7:52 PM, September 21, 2023 | Update: 7:52 PM, September 21, 2023

US Ambassador in Dhaka Peter Haas today said the US’s goal is not to interfere in Bangladesh’s election but to support the goal that allows people to freely choose who they want to run the country.

“We are ready to extend our support to ensure a free, fair, and peaceful election to make sure the people can freely elect their leaders,” he said at an event at North South University (NSU) in the capital.

NSU’s Vice Chancellor Professor Atiqul Islam presided over the session that was also addressed by NSU Board of Trustees Chairman Javed Muneer Ahmad and Coordinator, Center for Peace Studies (CPS) Dr Abdul Wohab.

Regarding Rohingya crisis, the US envoy said it is the collective responsibility of the entire world to make sure that conditions are in place in Myanmar so that the Rohingyas can return to their homeland with dignity.

He laid emphasis on constant collective pressure on Myanmar, noting that the solution

The envoy said the US is firmly dedicated to peace in Bangladesh and South Asia, especially referencing the Rohingya crisis.

Hass indicated the USA’s preference for diplomacy over military action and emphasised strengthening ties with key nations like Bangladesh.

The US’s Indo-Pacific Strategy focuses on anti-corruption measures to bolster trust and economic growth, he added.