Padma Shetu Abong Rastronaiok Sheikh Hasina : Rezia Sultana Ety

Publish: 10:28 PM, September 29, 2022 | Update: 10:28:PM, September 29, 2022

TBT REPORT : Razia Sultana Ety spent her childhood and growing up in Mirpur, Dhaka. Although her birthplace was Bikrampur Pargona i.e. Louhajang of Munshiganj District. Being the daughter of a Muslim family, she has involved herself in public welfare and public service. And due to that, she is now one of the respected, successful ward councilors of Ward No. 9, 10 and 11 of Dhaka North City Corporation. A soldier of Bangabandhu’s ideology. She seeks Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s love and blessing.

She is very close to Mayor Atiqur Islam and brave freedom fighter Aga Khan Mintu MP.
Her husband MD. Shorab Hossain belongs from traditional family of Mirpur. Razia Sultana Ety is Darussalam Thana Mahila Awami League Women’s Affairs Secretary, Vice President of Darussalam Mahila Awami League North Awami League Patron, Mirpur art-literature, cultural in Mirpur. She writes and reads when she has time.

By opening the dream Padma Bridge on June 25, 2022, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina opened the bridge with her bravery and challenges facing the people of 21 districts in the southwestern part of the country. Countrymen are very happy with our funding, our Padma Bridge.

This edited book has been edited by considering all the writings of those who have written articles on Padma Setu which is bigger than the dreams created a buzz at home and abroad and those have inspired in writing.

On the occasion of the 76th birthday of Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the father of the nation Bangabandhu, she handed over the book to the new generation as a reminder.

We are hopeful that all the women councilor Razia Sultana Ety will work for the country and the nation with greater responsibility in the future.
On behalf of the countrymen, we wish for future success.