Abhijit Bhowmik Awarded Chairperson of the Year 2021 (Bangladesh) by CEO Monthly

Publish: 4:29 PM, December 19, 2021 | Update: 4:29 PM, December 19, 2021

It is an honor to be announced by CEO Monthly 2021 Chairperson Awards rewarding the well deserved and the top Chairperson from around the globe.

It is the entrepreneurs who can put a massive impact on the world and competitive economic climate with their outstanding performance. Their extraordinary roles and responsibilities assist the organizations to flourish and attain the height of success. To make an obvious difference the qualified Chairperson need to provide a considerable contribution. Recently, organizations have found accomplishment in existing industries as well as numerous organizations have made new enterprises out and out. With newer ideas, cheap production costing, and visionaries, quality developers are merging towards making a revolution, especially in our country’s IT sector. Undoubtedly the best Chairperson owns the credit along with their team. It is the chairperson and his team who can lift the whole company to achieve the impossible. Start-up businesses are tough to flourish but may achieve promising milestones with its chairperson’s proper cooperation and planning. So, the positions and obligations of a chairperson in an organization are incredibly vital to making a substantial difference in the world.

It is a great delight that CEO Monthly Magazine has selected Abhijit Bhowmik as a winner of the 2021 Chairperson Award who is the Chairman and Director of Workspace Infotech Limited (WSIT) and a successful business leader in the IT sector. CEO Monthly has observed the company’s activities, work rate, operations and functions, business performance and growth, longevity, significant innovations, the WSIT team’s dedication, and client fulfillment for a long time. The success rate of projects from recent and past that the company has handled properly have been evaluated as well. Their research team gathered information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources. Finally, they have chosen Workspace Infotech Limited (WSIT) and bestowed Abhijit Bhowmik as the Chairperson of the year 2021(Bangladesh).

Workspace Infotech Limited has faith in quality over quantity. WSIT is centered around quality contributions which incorporate Software team outsourcing, Server maintenance, Quality assurance, and Pure software sold as cloud-based. WSIT has embraced newer technologies to gain proficiency and stay up to date with momentum. Regular workshops by specialists perform another big job to learn and explore in WSIT. At Workspace InfoTech, innovation and up-gradation have been a steady illicit relationship. WSIT’s attention is more on getting sorted out the activities more precisely and appropriately while further developing the working hours. For the standards and guidelines and confirmation. WSIT always follows the total guidelines of the Bangladesh government. Throughout the most recent three years, WSIT has accomplished the main development and even has had a superb reaction in this Coronavirus circumstance. At Workspace InfoTech Limited, the team always tries to esteem their customers and believes that quality programming software isn’t just barely their item; It’s a dream for a lot of individuals who will use it. They believe it isn’t just a business, it’s a dream of accomplishment for a few youthful endeavors with motivations and skilled teams which ensures why CEO Monthly has selected Workspace Infotech Limited.

Having over 13 years of experience in managing clients and analyzing systems, Abhijit Bhowmik captured the sack of growing opportunities. Mr. Bhowmik possesses a versatile team in WSIT that is constantly there for the customers; to fulfill their demand and meet their satisfaction. Their main goal is to prioritize quality over quantity which stands out as most promising and unique among others.

Along with single minded partners and his ambition career in the industrial sector was started at Workspace Infotech Limited in 2009 and later he became the Director at Workspace Infotech Australia PTY Limited in 2017. He has been in this business successfully for his precise aptitude, adequate knowledge, elevated ambition, and an intense urge to become bold in life.

He has this great mindset to support the young students reach their goals, exploring big ideas, and executing them. He is the Associate Professor and Special Assistant of Office of Student Affairs at AIUB, a member of the BASIS Standing Committee on both International Market Development and Member Service and Welfare, the mentor of the BASIS Students’ Forum AIUB Chapter, the mentor of AIUB Computer Club, the mentor and judge of NASA Space Apps Challenge Bangladesh, and judge of BASIS National ICT Award. He speaks as public speaker in different events and engage himself in different social works also. He arranged a huge number of student competitions and became the organizing committee member of different international conferences organized at AIUB. All of his achievements do not only show how far he has succeeded but also prove his eagerness to provide proper mentoring for the young talents. He also serves consultancy in various business areas such as IT, Startup, HR, etc. to ensure the productivity of the business. His accomplishments from such a young age aspire the students to a huge extent and he continues to convey his best for their and the country’s welfare.

Mr. Bhowmik completed his BSc and MSc from AIUB. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. degree at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. He has completed his BSc and MScs both from AIUB. His academic history is quite praiseworthy. He owns three major Honors and Awards which are Summa Cum Laude, Vice-Chancellor Award MScs, and Vice-Chancellor Award BSc. He has huge number of journal and conference publications in significant areas along with published book chapters. His study years in university were the key time to plan his career and even now he focuses on achieving higher knowing how to step each stair smoothly.