In the realm of style, Duri Lifestyle reigns supreme, guided by the exquisite vision of Nowrin Sultana Adury

Publish: 8:16 PM, February 19, 2024 | Update: 8:16 PM, February 19, 2024

Duri Lifestyle has carved a niche for itself by championing the use of indigenous fabric, craftsmanship, and raw materials.

The LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown represents a natural progression in the brand’s dedication to showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh on a global stage.

By integrating wearable technology into traditional textiles, Duri Lifestyle is not only creating fashionable garments but also contributing to the evolution of high-tech accessories.
Managing Director Nowrin Sultana Adury envisions this venture as a way to convey the message that Bangladesh’s fashion and textiles are indeed world-class.

The LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and its determination to establish Bangladesh as a hub for cutting-edge fashion technology.

The LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown offers a range of customizable features, including adjustable illumination hues, intensity, and patterns.

This opens up a world of creative possibilities for designers and wearers alike.

The gown is not just a technological marvel; it is also a practical choice for evening party wear, providing a unique and captivating illumination experience.

Duri Lifestyle, a distinguished women’s ethnic lifestyle brand, has set a groundbreaking milestone in the fashion industry by introducing the first-of-its-kind LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown in Bangladesh.

The brand, known for its commitment to manufacturing upscale luxury products using indigenous fabric, craftsmanship, and raw materials, is pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.
The LED Fibre Optic Fabric, also known as bright fabric or optic fiber cloth, represents a revolutionary textile that merges optical fibers with traditional fabric material.

The fabric, when exposed to a light source, emits a captivating glow along its entire length, creating a visually stunning and alluring effect.

Despite its high-tech capabilities, the fabric maintains malleability, lightweight properties, and suitability for routine tailoring.

This makes it an ideal choice for innovative designs across various industries, including fashion, interior design, and costume design.

The inspiration for this cutting-edge fabric arose from the burgeoning concept of wearable technology.

Wearable technology, often referred to as “smart & intelligent textiles and clothing,” involves the integration of advanced electronic and processing developments within the fashion sector.
Duri Lifestyle’s founder, Nowrin Sultana Adury, seized upon this concept to create a gown that seamlessly fuses traditional textiles with state-of-the-art technology.
Innovation meets tradition

As the Managing Director of Duri Lifestyle, Nowrin Sultana Adury has been at the forefront of this innovative venture. Her vision for the brand goes beyond the conventional, aiming to redefine the fashion landscape in Bangladesh and make a mark on the global stage.

The LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown is a reflection of her commitment to seamlessly blend tradition with technology.

“Luminous Bloom” is a conceptual exploration of the intertwining of technolo gy and nature, symbolized through a one-shoulder A-line gown crafted from fiber optie fabric. This garment is not merely a piece of clothing but a manifesta- tion of artistic expression, merging innovation with elegance. At its focal point. a delicate flower adorns the shoulder, serving as a metaphor for the human heart. This flower not only captivates with its beauty but also dynamically blooms, propelled by a servo motor, symbolizing the vitality and resilience of the human spirit.

Duri Lifestyle’s LED Fibre Optic Fabric gown stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and the seamless integration of tradition and technology.
As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Duri Lifestyle has positioned itself as a pioneer, leading the way for the future of wearable technology in Bangladesh.
This venture marks not only a significant achievement for the brand but also a momentous step forward for the entire fashion landscape in the country.