Walton to showcase advanced features fridges at China’s Canton Fair

Publish: 4:26 PM, October 12, 2023 | Update: 4:26 PM, October 12, 2023

Bangladesh’s electronics giant Walton will showcase world’s most advanced technologies refrigerators at the 134th Chaina ‘China Import and Export Fair,’ popularly known as ‘Canton Fair’ around the world, to begin from 15th October this year at Canton Fair Complex in the Guangzhou of China.

Bangladesh’s electronics giant Walton is going to participate in the world’s largest trade show for the third time to showcase the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labelled world-class advanced technologies’ consumer electronics products including the AIoT-based smart refrigerators.

Walton Refrigerator’s Chief Business Officer (CBO) Tofail Ahmed said, “A total of 11 models of huge energy saving fridges of European ACC brand and Bangladesh’s Walton brands will be displayed. Among these models, there are included South Asia’s first manufacturing four-door smart refrigerators and the world’s first 8in1 convertible side by side door smart fridge. Along with these models, some others models of fridges, including Combi model, multicolor model, beverage coolers and ice-cream freezers, will also be displayed in the fair. Optimized cooling circuit and worldwide recognised environment-friendly R600a refrigerant have been used in those models to ensure more energy efficiency.”

He also said, the world through this fair will know the abilities of Bangladesh in manufacturing high-tech products. Walton fridge is the No-1 brand in Bangladesh. Now, our target is is to become one of the best global brands soon. Canton fair will play a significant role to fulfill Walton’s dream of becoming the global brand.

At ‘Canton Fair’, Walton will exhibit the models of convertible mood refrigerators, including AIoT based 9in1 convertible mood four-door GT Pro Max model, 8in1 convertible mood side by side door GT Pro model and Combi model. The customer can set the cooling performance of the fridge and freezer compartment with the world’s highest convertible mood. Thus, each model will consume less electricity.

For having smart control feature, customer can control the cooling settings with a touch of the upper door without opening the fridge door. And thus, the result is huge power saving with maximum cooling performance.

The GT Pro Max model has a 21.5-inch multimedia LCD display for YouTube browsing, online grocery shopping, offline video and audio, countdown clock, online recipes, clock, calendar, internet browsing, selfie camera, weather update etc.

GT series fridges have trio and duo cooling setting. For using AI based MSO (Matrix Speed Optimization) inverter technology in GT series fridges, customers no need to worry about cooling performance, power consumption and settings. The AI system gets 3D data from environment temperature, difference of set and exact temperature of the compartments as well as door-open duration. 

Special features of Walton’s four-door GT Pro Max and side-by-side door GT Pro models include a water dispenser. Walton’s beverage cooler designed with latest technologies and features has attractive multimedia display so that users can watch and telecast videos and commercials ads easily through pen drive.