Sinha is not returning home for his corruption: Tofail

Publish: 12:11 PM, October 1, 2018 | Update: 12:11:PM, October 1, 2018

DHAKA  – Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed today said former Chief Justice S K Sinha is not returning home due to his corruption.

“. . . he has weaknesses. He hatched a conspiracy against the government, but failed to be successful and that made him frustrated abroad,” the minister said.

Tofail passed the remarks during inauguration of the Walton Refrigerator Glass Door Manufacturing Project in Gazipur, said a press release.

He said the political alliance led by Dr Kamal Hossain cannot be considered as ‘national unity’. “They (alliance) don’t have any ideology, and the unity without ideology cannot be sustained.”

Mentioning that people of the country do not accept the persons without morality, he said: “People would not rally round those who have no ideology. Their demands are illogical and against the Constitution.”

He also reiterated that the next parliamentary election would be held as per the Constitution.