Helal Akbar Chowdhury envisions building a secure Bangladesh

Publish: 9:54 PM, July 31, 2021 | Update: 9:54:PM, July 31, 2021

S M Akash, Chattogram
As the days passed by, the rapid spread of deadly coronavirus rapidly from cities to villages raising eyebrows of all the concerned people. The government is taking the most effective steps possible to deal with this pandemic to ensure the confidence and security of the people, as well as the administration has a commendable role to play.

At the same time, the leaders and workers of the Awami League and its affiliates are working tirelessly in the field against the people’s representatives of the ruling party. From the responsibility of the party, the country, society and humanity to the relentless heartfelt warriors across the country, Helal Akbar Chowdhury has established himself as a peddler of humanity by inventing innovative strategies and modern ideas to overcome the pandemic from Chattogram to the rest of the country.He isa beloved son of Chattogram and former Central Deputy Finance Secretary of Bangladesh Awami Juba League.He has innovative and startling ideas is helping to cope with the devastation caused by the pandemic.

The former student leader developed his talent and discovered the “Corona Resistant Booth (CRB)” which looks exactly like the bank’s ATM booth.Whenever booths are set up in hospitals, markets, and on the road, there is a positive feeling of relief in the minds of the people.

In an exclusive interview with “The Bangladesh Today” Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar, the founder and entrepreneur of CRB said, “The pandemic has spread to our country for a while. Last year, my father, Jahangir Alam Chowdhury, passed away. None of my relatives came forward to bury my father’s dead body and my family performed Janazah and burial in a very helpless situation.This death of my father hurts me so much that I have decided in my heart not to neglect the death of anyone else like my father.

Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar further said that masks and hand sanitizers will be available in CRBs built in the style of ATM booth. We started this movement of free masks from Chattogram and the program of setting up booths. First, in Chattogram metropolitan area, the process of setting up CRBs has been completed in 45 districts of the country in theupazilas and districts level. Asked about the cost of the booth and its subsequent management, Babar said it would cost BDT 740/- per day to provide daily services to 500 people in each neighborhood through this booth, and a self-reliant self-sacrificing person who can provide this cost can really build a secure Bangladesh. So, I am building the booths not in my own name but in the name of those responsible leaders and individuals so that people get services.

There is no substitute for using masks and hand sanitizers to control the rising coronavirus cases across the country. And these masks and hand sanitizers will be available for free at the Corona Resistance Booths. Therefore, the importance of this corona prevention booth to prevent the pandemic is immense, said Helal Akbar Chowdhury. Regarding future plans, Babar said, “I am a follower of the late leader ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury and inspired by his ideals. I want to serve the party and the country without any compromise. My only goal is to be a partner in building a developing Bangladesh for my leader Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the people’s leader Bangabandhu.

“My goal is to set up at least five corona resistant booths per 300 parliamentary constituencies, so that the rest of the people can copy the idea and take the booths to the village level” Babar said. And my party has received the support of the MP’s and district leaders of Bangladesh Awami League in conducting this huge activity and will continue to do so in the future.Asked how the initiative is being funded, he said, “Most of my personal donations and I have some well-wishers who motivate me to do all humanitarian work. I am also providing this service to humanity with sincere support and financial support. Finally, in the context of the construction of a hospital in Chattogram’s famous Central Railway Building (also shortly known as CRB) premises, Babar said, “CRB premise is a geographical ornament of Chattogram and our country. Such a hospital is definitely needed but it is not in CRB.”