Attack on Migrant Couple

Publish: 10:41 AM, February 15, 2021 | Update: 10:43:AM, February 15, 2021

A Migrant couple was attacked near the Kallyanpur Jam E mosque Dhaka on last 24 January, 2021. The victim was Md Mahbubur Rahman and his wife Nowrozi Rahman. They have been living in Saudi Arabia for a long time.

They left Bangladesh to start a new life in Saudi Arabia for a better future. Though they were far away from the motherland, they didn’t forget it. They invested their sweat ridden money to a company named Agrani Housing owned by their former neighbour in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Hai Hawladar and this has become thorn in the flesh for them.

In 2015, Company Chairman Abdul Hai Hawladar and managing director and his brother Abdul Aziz Hawladar, engaged in a feud over the company and as a result at the end of 2015 Chairman Abdul Hai Hawladar took the share of money of Mahbubur Rahman and some other share-holders from the company.

And since then they are procrastinating in name of giving the shareholders money back. One of the victim Mahbubur Rahman return from abroad on last 18th January 2021 and since then Abdul Hai Hawladar is avoiding them.

On the last 24 January 2021 Mr. Mahbubur Rahman and his wife went to Abdul Hai’s office to have their money back. But he insulted them instead of giving their money back.

When they were returning home approximately on 6pm, a microbus stopped their CNG near Kallyanpur Housing Jam E mosque Dhaka. There were 4/5 person on the microbus. They came forward and started to beat them mercilessly.

Mr Mahbub and his wife was injured badly. They were also admitted on a local hospital. They have filed a police report of the incident too. When they were asked about the incident they told about Abdul Hai Hawladar and his scheme.

They also told that Abdul Hai’s goons are threatening to kill them and their family for asking their money back. They are even threating the life of their children.

They showed the reporter the numerous SMSes Abdul Hai Hawladar and his goons sent them with violent threats. These are the story of only two victims of Abdul Hai Hawladar and his Agrani Housing Scheme.

There are a lot of other victims who are suffering from these kind of unlawful and fraudulent activities and lost everything including their dream of a better future.