Nearly 7.39cr people get govt assistance amid COVID-19 pandemic

July 5, 2020 | 17:35:PM | Update17:35:PM

DHAKA, – Nearly 7.39 crore people from more than 1.68 crore families have received government relief assistance during the current coronavirus situation across the country as the government continues its relief work to mitigate people’s sufferings caused by COVIOD-19.

“Around 7, 38, 83,637 people from 1, 68, 74,842 families got government relief assistance amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation till July 4,” said an official release quoted the data provided by 64 district administrations here today.

The government has so far distributed 1, 98, 208 tonnes of rice out of allocated 2, 12,434 tonnes among people, it said.

The government has allocated more than Taka 125 crore in cash for purchasing necessary essentials including baby food across the country.

Of the total allocation, Taka 97 crore 88 lakh 44 thousands and 664 in cash has been provided for purchasing relief materials, of which, nearly Taka 94 crore 24 lakh 21 thousands and 516 have been distributed among 4,42,61,827 individuals from more 1.24 crore families, it added.

The government has distributed baby food of Taka 26.40 crore among more 17.63 lakh people from 8.45 lakh families as the total allocation was Taka 27.20 crore, the release continued.

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