Omar Faruk Sohag’s silver play button achievement

Publish: 6:47 PM, June 1, 2024 | Update: 6:47 PM, June 1, 2024

The youth of the current generation always wants to become a YouTuber. But that dream is fulfilled by very few people. With talent and hard work, many people get places. On globally distributed YouTube platforms such as YouTube. One such young man’s name is Omar Faruk Sohag. He started his journey as a YouTube creator in 2020 with a dream. Mohammad Farooq has achieved enviable success at the age of only 21 years. Now he is one of the YouTubers in Bangladesh who has reached one million subscribers. This young man has already received the prestigious YouTube Silver Play Button from YouTube.

Omar Faruk Sohag is a trusted name for creating content regularly. It is better to say that he has a digital marketing company. His company is currently working on creating content for Facebook. They do digital marketing through content projection and distribution for various agencies. He has been working there regularly since 2017.

He is currently successful in digital marketing and YouTube and the people working in his organization are also successful.

Omar Faruk Sohag said, digital marketing is promoting products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing – these are included in digital marketing. Bangladeshi students spend half of their life running in the traditional job market. Therefore, if you want to match the current time, you have to leave the traditional thinking and think something new. Digital marketing is a promising career in this respect.

Besides, Omar Faruk Sohag said about getting silver play button of YouTube, people can do anything if they work hard. I also worked hard. I got success. Already achieving one million subscribers on our channel is truly an achievement. Also I recently got YouTube’s silver play button which is really a wonderful experience for me. In the future I will present better content to the viewers. Inshallah one million will reach ten million.

He along with his family and team are very excited to get the silver play button recently