Journalist Md Arifur Rahman: A Journey of Excellence in Media

Publish: 6:17 PM, June 11, 2024 | Update: 6:17 PM, June 11, 2024

Md Arifur Rahman, a distinguished journalist, has charted an exceptional career trajectory at NTV, rising from a Newsroom Editor in 2006 to the Chief of Correspondents in 2020. His career reflects his unwavering dedication to journalism and his remarkable ability to lead and innovate in the field. Md Arifur Rahman’s journey in journalism began in 2006 when he joined NTV as a Newsroom Editor. Over the years, he steadily climbed the ranks, assuming various roles such as Junior Staff Reporter, Staff Reporter, Senior Staff Correspondent, and Special Correspondent. In each position, he demonstrated exceptional skills and a commitment to delivering accurate and impactful news. As the Chief of Correspondents since 2020, Rahman oversees a team of 25 news reporters and 64 district correspondents. His role involves not only managing daily news operations but also ensuring the smooth functioning of newsroom-related tasks and NCA-related television programs. His leadership has been pivotal in maintaining NTV’s reputation for high-quality news reporting. Throughout his career, Rahman has taken on significant responsibilities that have shaped his expertise and reputation. As a Newsroom Editor, he was responsible for writing scrolls with updated information that ran along the bottom-line of the screen around the clock. As a Junior Staff Reporter, he covered regular events, including media briefings of police, ministries, and civil society organizations. As a Staff Reporter, he focused on investigative reporting, uncovering critical issues that demanded public attention. His role as a Senior Staff Correspondent saw him covering regular incidents and making exclusive investigative reports on corruption, trafficking, and other criminal activities. As a Special Correspondent, he covered major national and international events, providing live commentary on sensitive incidents and preparing exclusive reports. Md Arifur Rahman’s contributions to journalism have earned him numerous accolades. He received the Best TV Reporter Award from the Bangladesh Television Dorshok Forum in 2016, the Dhaka Reporters Unity Award for Best TV Reporter in 2017, and the TRUB Award for Best TV Journalist in 2018. His talk show “News Inside” earned him the Best TV Host Award from the News Presenter Society of Bangladesh in 2019. His excellence has been recognized internationally as well. Rahman received a Certificate of Appreciation from Australia in 2017 for his participation and hosting at the Sydney Bangladesh Festival, a Media Award from the Portland Bangladeshi Community in the USA in 2018, and an appreciation crest from FreedomAge Band in Los Angeles, USA in 2021. Md Arifur Rahman is the host and moderator of several popular NTV talk shows, including “News Inside,” “Probash Jibon,” “Covid-19 Coronay Coronio,” “Mayer Vasha,” “Bir Sresthoder Bijoygatha,” and “Muktir Aloy Bangladesh.” These programs address a wide range of topics, from current affairs and expatriate lifestyles to awareness about Covid-19 and tributes to language martyrs and war heroes. Rahman is an active member of the National Press Club, Dhaka Reporters Unity, and the Broadcast Journalist Center. These memberships reflect his commitment to enhancing the professional expertise and skills of journalists and his dedication to monitoring the freedom of reporters. Md Arifur Rahman’s career has also taken him across the globe. He holds an honorary SAARC visa, allowing him to travel to SAARC countries without individual visas. His reporting assignments have taken him to the United States, Australia, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal. Md Arifur Rahman’s illustrious career is a testament to his dedication, leadership, and passion for journalism. His contributions to NTV and the broader media landscape have set a high standard for excellence in news reporting. As he continues to lead and innovate, Rahman remains a pivotal figure in the world of journalism, inspiring the next generation of reporters.