Ehsanul Haque’s Judicious Impact Elevates the 6th Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh

Publish: 5:47 PM, November 13, 2023 | Update: 5:47 PM, November 13, 2023

The 6th edition of the Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh unfolded its cinematic tapestry in Cox’s Bazar, commencing three days of enchanting film celebrations. Among the distinguished attendees, the notable presence of Ehsanul Haque, renowned Bangladeshi film producer and judge for the event, added an extra layer of prestige to the festivities.

Organized by the award-winning film association Cinema Bangladesh, the festival serves as a melting pot for films from 32 different countries, showcasing a diverse range of cinematic excellence. Building on its legacy of spanning various cities, including Laxmipur, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Bandarban, and Natore in previous years, this edition promises an even more extensive exploration of global cinema.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of luminaries, including Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud and District Administrator Mohammad Shahin Imran. Notable figures such as Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, the Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Industries, adorned the occasion as the chief guest. The event also saw the attendance of Ms. Sheela Pillai, Head of Mission at The Consulate of the Republic of Singapore, eminent filmmaker Morshedul Islam, producer Jeremy Chua, distributor Sreyashii Sengupta, actress Azmeri Haque Badhon, Member Secretary of the organizing committee Rokeya Prachy, Festival Coordinator Asma Akhter Liza, and Festival Director Jisan Mahadi. Their collective presence further heightened the event’s grandeur, solidifying it as a convergence of cultural luminaries and distinguished personalities in the world of cinema.

Ehsanul Haque’s role as a judge brought a unique perspective to the festival. As a distinguished film producer, particularly recognized for his work on the acclaimed film “Rehana Maryam Noor,” Haque’s presence added a touch of cinematic brilliance. His experience and discerning eye in the realm of film production undoubtedly contributed to the festival’s overall impact.

The festival, held at the city’s public library auditorium, promises a captivating experience for film enthusiasts. With films competing in the main section, the venue will witness the screening of cinematic gems, culminating in the grandeur of the opening and closing ceremonies.

The Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh stands not only as a testament to the power of global cinema but also as a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration. Ehsanul Haque’s involvement as a judge further solidified the event’s reputation, ensuring that the festival continues to be a beacon for recognizing and celebrating cinematic excellence.