NID not enough for voting unless one reaches age-line: EC

Publish: 7:46 PM, November 13, 2023 | Update: 7:46 PM, November 13, 2023

No one would be eligible for casting vote in the elections unless his age line reaches 18 years or above.

“The Election Commission (EC) usually provides national identity card (NID) to the age group of 16 and 17 years along with those who reaches 18 or above…but those who are below 18 are not voter”, said M Shariful Alam, EC Director (Public Relations).

Those who are Bangladeshi citizen, minimum age 18 years or above and was born on January 1, 2005 or before, resident of a particular constituency and enrolled in the voter list are allowed for voting.

But those who have no registration in voter list, was born after January 1, 2005, insane personality declared by courts, convicted in Special Tribunals and International Crimes Tribunal are not eligible for voting, Alam said.