PM greets all marking 50th Summer Nat’l Sports Competition

Publish: 6:58 PM, September 25, 2023 | Update: 6:58 PM, September 25, 2023

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today greeted all concerned on the occasion of the 50th Summer National Sports Competition that kicks off in Sylhet tomorrow.

“I extend my best wishes to all concerned on the occasion of the 50th Summer National Sports Competition-2023 to be organized by the Bangladesh National School, Madrasah and Technical Education Sports Association under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education,” she said in a message and wished the success of the sports competition.

The greatest Bangalee of all time Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamt of building Bangladesh as a hunger and poverty free, non-communal, science-minded, progressive country through the great Liberation War, the premier said, adding, “We are working relentlessly to realize the dream of the father of the nation.” 

Once the multi-faceted initiatives of the Awami League (AL) government are fully implemented with the aim of developing the country’s citizens as non-communal, thoughtful, open-minded intellectual, hard working and patriotic ones with the spirit of the Liberation War, Sheikh Hasina said, Bangladesh will be transformed into a science and technology efficient, self-reliant, modern and developed country soon.

Noting that Sports is one of the components of building a healthy society, she said children are socialized through sports. 

Students can acquire the qualities of punctuality, discipline, adaptation to environment, team effort and leadership through sports, the Prime Minister said, adding, “Father of the nation Sheikh Mujib himself used to play sports. His son Sheikh Kamal and daughter-in-law Sultana Kamal were national level professional players and sports organizers.”

The father of the nation took various initiatives to brighten the country’s image in the field of sports, she said, adding, “Following the path of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib, we also give utmost importance to sports alongside studies.”

Importance has been attached to physical and sports education in secondary level textbooks, Sheikh Hasina said, adding that emphasis has been given to Scouting and Girl Guides so that the students become sensitive, rational and philanthropic citizens through physical and mental development.

She said that construction of mini stadiums in every upazila is underway to spread sports at the grass roots level.

“We have also kept the doors of higher education open with sports. Some of the existing stadiums have been upgraded to international standards and we are constructing more international standard stadiums,” the premier said.
During the Awami League government, the Physical Education Department of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has been able to create an awakening among the students of the country by organizing national sports competitions, she said, adding, “I believe, students will get the opportunity to explore their best sports talent through the biggest national sports competition with the participation of the secondary level students”.

Sheikh Hasina hoped that September 26 to 30, the period during which the sports competition will be held in Sylhet, will remain memorable for the students.