Momen urges Diaspora to counter propaganda against Bangladesh

Publish: 6:57 PM, September 25, 2023 | Update: 6:57 PM, September 25, 2023

Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has called upon the Bangladeshi Diaspora to play active role in countering misinformation and propaganda with facts and figures against their land of origin.
He made the call when speaking as chief guest at an event, titled “Branding Bangladesh through UN Peacekeeping & NRBs,” organised by the Centre for Non-Resident Bangladeshi held at Queens in New York on Sunday, a foreign ministry’s press release said here today.  

The foreign minister praised the role of Bangladeshi Diaspora and expatriate community in connecting Bangladesh with the world and urged them to highlight the nation’s achievements.  

Dr. Momen emphasized on the strong relationship between Bangladesh and the USA, both in trade and shared values.

He encouraged the Diaspora residing in the US to stay connected with Bangladesh and contribute to the socio-economic progress of both the countries.

Dr. Momen emphasized Bangladesh’s commitment to peace and security, highlighting its role as a top contributor to the UN Peacekeeping Operations.

He recognized the invaluable contributions of the 12 million Bangladeshi expatriates, who support their homeland through remittances and contributions to various sectors.

Dr Momen highlighted Bangladesh’s resilience, evident during the Great War of Liberation in 1971 when the nation stood firm against oppression, injustice, and discrimination, ultimately securing its independence through the sacrifices of three million people.

This struggle exemplified the courage and sacrifice of the Bengali nation, he added.
Over the years, he said, Bangladesh has evolved into a vibrant economy, witnessing remarkable growth in exports and GDP.

It now stands as the 35th largest economy globally, having significantly reduced poverty and improved various social indicators.

He said the military, quasi-military and technocratic governments actively promoted divisive and polarizing policies that contributed to political instability and violence in Bangladesh.

He said, during the time of 2001-2006, Bangladesh was branded as a land of radicalism, Jihadis and cocoon of terrorism.

“Good news is those days are over now. After the heinous assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanand and most of his family members, the martial law regime enacted the infamous Indemnity Act, providing unprecedented legal immunity from any legal action against all the killers involved in the assassination”, he said adding that the killers were awarded with prestigious jobs and positions.

Momen praised the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for rebranding Bangladesh as a role model of development.

Under her guidance, he said Bangladesh has made significant progress in socio-economic indicators, climate diplomacy and humanitarian efforts.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s Economic Advisor Dr. Mashiur Rahman, Chairperson, Centre for NRB, M S Shekil Chowdhury, the UN Global Peace Ambassador in the US Dr. Sima Karetnaya and Consul General of Bangladesh Consulate in New York Nazmul Huda were present among others.