Chattogram BRTA discards 1005 expired CNG auto-rickshaws

Publish: 8:37 PM, May 16, 2022 | Update: 8:37:PM, May 16, 2022

Munmun Ahmed, City Correspondent (Chattogram)

On February 22 this year, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Road Transport and Highways, Jasim Uddin instructed the Chairman of BRTA to replace the new CNG auto rickshaw by scrapping the expired CNG auto rickshaw of Chattogram metropolis by issuing a memorandum, 35.00.0000.020. 006.013. 18-92. According to the instructions, the BRTA has scrapped a total of 1,005 CNG auto rickshaws in three days from May 11 to 13. Earlier, on 16 November 2020, 3616 CNG auto rickshaw scrapping activities of 2004 model started at Chattogram BRTA.
The activity resumed this week after a long hiatus from the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the CNG or petrol-powered four stroke three wheeler service policy 2007, new auto rickshaws will be replaced by new ones.
The announcement was made in a circular signed by Shafiquzzaman Bhuiyan, convener of Gas and Petrol powered 4-stroke three wheeler auto rickshaw scrap committee of Chattogram metro area and BRTA Chattogram Divisional Deputy Director (Eng:) on May 11. 305 vehicles were scrapped from CNG auto rickshaw Chattogram Metro Th-12-3976 series to Chattogram Metro Th-12-4375 series.
Earlier on Thursday, 350 CNG auto rickshaws registered from Chatta Metro Th-12-4376 series to Chatta metro Th-12-4788 series were scrapped. Last Friday, 350 CNG auto rickshaws of the following Chattametro series’ Th-12-4789, Th-12-5172 were also scrapped.
BRTA Chattogram Divisional Deputy Director (Engg) Shafiquzzaman Bhuiyan said the economy life (deadline) of 15 years of these CNG auto rickshaws registered for Chattogram metropolitan area has already ended. These expired auto rickshaws have been scrapped as per the instructions of the ministry to build an environmentally friendly city of Chattogram.
After scraping, these CNG autorickshaw registration numbers and information will be deleted from the server. Later, the car owners will be given a new registration number after restoring the new car.
BRTA authorities provided necessary equipment and manpower including bulldozers for scraping.
According to BRTA sources, about 8,500 CNG autorickshaws manufactured in 2001-2003 were scrapped in 2016. 3,616 autorickshaws manufactured in 2004 were scrapped in 2020.
Touhidul Hossain, Assistant Director (Eng.) Of BRTA Chattametro-1 Circle (Registration Branch) said, “we will provide the registration if the owner comes to the BRTA office with the new CNG auto rickshaw by submitting the official fee along with the required legal documents in his own name to get the new auto rickshaw registration number against the scrapped auto rickshaw.”