How Technology Changes Marketing Strategies

Publish: 6:04 PM, September 23, 2021 | Update: 7:14:PM, September 23, 2021

Not many businesses have recognized the potential of the internet platform. Technology is changing the world where we live in. Thanks to technology, people no longer need to go to an actual shop to buy clothes because they can do it online. Many examples are showing that technology can help your business to grow. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at top marketing strategies based on the latest technology.

Social Media

The biggest advantage of the internet platform is social media. Thanks to social media platforms, companies find it easier to connect with their clients and listen to their opinion. Marketing companies use the data from social media, which includes demographics, interests, and preferences of the customers. Some of the technology giants, such as Google and Facebook, completely base their business on the innovation of advertising.

Promotions on Casino Sites

Casino sites have become a popular gaming option online. Technical advancements contribute to a better gaming experience by improving the visual graphics of the games. It’s very easy to get access to the games because they are available on reputable online casinos like Novibet.

When it comes to the promotions and offers of casino sites, it is an unknown avoidable aspect of gambling online as casinos are looking to attract new members by providing great incentives. some examples include bonus spins, giveaways, and other offers.


Companies become more competitive on the market when they know how to put technology at their disposal. People gain access to the internet using smartphones or laptops. However, technical development makes sure that the internet is more accessible than ever. Some of these technologies are already familiar to us, such as 5G, Beacon technology, smart home, and smart wearables. These technologies make the world around us easy to connect to any network at any time.

Marketing companies will find it easier to use the data on any multi-device platform. The newest technology helps the agents to collect the data and manage the outcomes. Voice is one of the most ancient forms of communication. We find more and more technologies that use the voice of Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Voice Assistants slowly but surely change the way that we gain access to information, threat media, and buy things online.

Voice Assistant

Marketing strategists have recognized the potential of using the voice to do mobile searches. Google has some plans to integrate the voice in the interaction with the website’s content. Thus, virtual assistants will no longer be advisable but will become a must. The use of some applications, such as Cross-app, helps companies to predict the needs of the customers and give them the possibility to gain access to big data online.

Augmented Reality

A relatively new technology that enters the market is augmented reality. It is already available in the media published online and the mobile industry has already shown its interest to integrate it into their smartphones.

The e-business will significantly profit from augmented technology because shoppers will be able to visualize the products better. IKEA is the Swedish furniture chain that has incorporated it into the application. It allows the customers to preview thousands of furniture using their smartphones.