Sanjida Titly, A divine vocal of Bangla Music

Publish: 9:53 AM, June 10, 2021 | Update: 9:53:AM, June 10, 2021

Sanjida Titly is one of the most popular singers in Bangladesh. In her long musical life of 25 years, she has sung many popular songs. She has fascinated the people of the country with the magic of her melodious voice.


In her long career, she has been wandering in various branches of music. She usually vocalizes classical and modern-style songs. She also sang songs of Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti genre. Performed on stage, on TV shows with equal rhythm.

Sanjida Titly was crazy about music since childhood. She made her debut as a child artist in 1984 by singing on BTV. From then on she started singing. From the beginning of her professional career, she became busy with music.

Enlisted on BTV in 2002. She is currently singing on various BTV shows as a special grade artist of BTV. So far, she has released three albums, Mayajal, Tumi Acho Bale and Rodradipta, respectively.

All three albums have been hugely popular. Her solo program has been aired on almost all TV channels in Bangladesh. Her concert was also broadcast on Bangladesh Betar. Besides TV, she has done a lot of stage shows in the country and abroad.

Went to America for stage show, many times in Dubai. Sanjida Titly has established herself as one of the few Sufi artists in Bangladesh. She has received numerous awards for her contribution to music in her long career.

Among them are Bacchus Award, BAP Award, BCRA Award, Channel I Music Award. She received the award for the best debut album in 2008 from the Journalists Association.

She spends the whole time in her home during the corona pandemic. Sanjida Titly has a happy family with her husband and children. She is spending her time in pursuit of music. Besides, she is preparing a new album.

Besides, Sanjida is participating in Fobana-2021 in America, one of the festivals of Bengali music outside the country. Involvement with various social organizations from the beginning of her career. She is the star of our Bangla Musical industry.