Choose the Right Processor for Your PC

Publish: 7:05 PM, January 9, 2021 | Update: 7:06:PM, January 9, 2021

Processor is one of the main hardware of computer. When we have different commands in the computer, the processor gives us the output by executing them. Specially, when buying a pc it is very essential to choose the correct processor according to need. Let’s get some idea about the functionality of the processor.

Processor series:
When we go to buy a laptop or desktop, we see different processors in the market such as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Apart from these, there are many other types of processors, but the Core i series is the most popular in the market of Bangladesh. This i-series again has different generations so all in all we get confused a lot of the time.

Processor Generation:
The first thing to look at is the aspect of generation, basically the processor manufacturer Intel brings updated versions of their processors to the market every year and that is called Generation. It is natural that the updated versions will be more powerful than the previous version. From this point of view you can say that the more the processor generation, the better it will be. In other words, a processor of 10 generations must be better than 8 or 9 generations. Based on many things, Intel Company updates their processors, such as the current latest generation processor’s transistor size is 10 nanometers, its predecessor was 14 nanometers before it was 22 and before it was 32, so at one time there were 100, 150 and so many processors. The size of its transistor will be reduced as it will be updated. This is because the smaller the size of the transistor in the processor, the greater its efficiency and the less power and time it will take to process something. Generation updates of a processor can be based not only on the size of the transistor but also on other factors such as: The processor’s clock speed, cache memory or FSB. All in all, the current generation of any processor will be much better than the previous generation.

The function of the processor core:
The higher the number of cores in the processor, then higher it’s working capacity. However, the Core i3 is enough for normal computer work, if you want to do a little graphics work or light thin gaming, then the Core i5 processor is suitable and if you need to play 3D animations or games with a lot of high graphics, then you need Core i8. Always try to take the latest generation.

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