Ershad’s condition unchanged : GM Quader

Publish: 7:56 PM, July 9, 2019 | Update: 7:56:PM, July 9, 2019

Jatiya Party (JaPa) Chairman Hussain M Ershad’s physical condition has remained unchanged but improved slightly in certain cases.

“Ershad’s condition has improved slightly from yesterday [Monday],” acting chairman of Jatiya Party (JaPa) and Ershad’s younger brother GM Quader said at a press conference held at JaPa’s Banani headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.

He was citing the doctors of Combined Military Hospital (CMH), where Ershad is currently undergoing treatment.

“After the doctors decreased the dosage of sleeping pills, Ershad opened his eyes and responded to calls,” he added.

The infection in Ershad’s body is more contained now, GM Quader further said. The doctors stopped dialysis to test his kidney functionality on Tuesday. “But his liver condition is deteriorating.”

The JaPa chairman is still not out of danger, he added.

Ershad, now 89, was admitted to CMH in Dhaka on June 26 for suffering from various health-related issues over the last nine months.

He has been kept on oxygen support since June 30.

The former military strongman flew to Singapore’s National University Hospital for medical treatment on January 20 and returned on February 4. Since then he had been visiting CMH regularly for health check-ups.

He was last seen at a public gathering in May when he attended an iftar mahfil arranged by his brother GM Quader in Dhaka.