The journey of Naima Rahman Orka and her impact on the beauty industry in Bangladesh

Publish: 9:45 PM, May 26, 2024 | Update: 9:45 PM, May 26, 2024

When it comes to talking about young female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, it’s hard to miss Naima Rahman Orka,the founder and CEO of BBB Group for her remarkable contribution to the beauty industry. She started her journey as a businesswoman in 2015 during her student life with the vision of serving people 100% original beauty products that would cater to the girls & women of every budget & every beauty need.

She Introduced the country’s leading beauty brand, BBB(BD Budget Beauty). With a focus on providing high-quality, original beauty products, BBB (BD Budget Beauty) has become a fan favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Within a very short time, she became a household name for her interactions through Facebook live sessions. Naima Rahman Orka inspires millions of women, teaches and creates awareness through her social media appearance.

From a Facebook page, she now has the largest number (22+) of own beauty retail chain showrooms in Bangladesh at prime Locations for easy access for their customers. Along with BBB (BD Budget Beauty), she has some other business ventures under BBB Group, like Orka’s Glam Bar and Revive Spa, one of the most luxurious beauty salons in Dhaka City; Evergreen Skin Care Manufacturing Company; Orkare, an organic luxury skincare brand; AVANO, a fine dining restaurant that will open soon; BBB Agro, etc.

She is the true example of beauty, with a brain and a rare combination of always smiling, being humble, jolly, and down to earth. Academically, she completed ACCA from Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has been awarded as the country’s highest scorer several times.

Her parent company, BBB(BD Budget Beauty), works as the Bangladeshi Business partner for many top European brands being their Sole distributor( Exclusive Dealer) & thus they can ensure & Guarantee 100% Original Brand products with freshly Manufactured Batches without the involvement of any 3rd party, which their competitors cannot.This is a Very strong Competitive advantage for her company which is very beneficial for the customers.

Maintaining a good reputation Now she has millions of fan followers across the country, loved crazily by women of all ages. BBB (BD Budget Beauty) is the only beauty brand in our country that works as a brand partner for such prestigious international beauty brands and always receives positive recognition from customers as well as government authorities.

Naima Rahman Orka She herself is a big brand name. For maintaining proper business ethics and following instructions by authorities, her company,BBB( BD Budget Beauty), has been positively recognized several times by BSTI, Consumer Rights (VOKTA Odhikar), and other authorities.

Another notable success recently added to her bucket is her own skincare brand, Orkare. Within a very short time, this brand became one of the most popular skincare brands in Bangladesh. She has made an impactful contribution to women’s empowerment by creating work opportunities for women; hundreds of women work for her company, and 80% of the employees of her organization are female. She sets a positive example for today’s women; her role in inspiring and empowering women is truly inspiring for every woman of this generation.

While narrating her inspiring journey Naima Rahman Orka said, “I come from a Family where no one was involved in business. But I wanted to create something of my own doing something that I love & I chose a completely different path that I saw others take, I took a risk, and fortunately received success. I believe that with hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset, anything is possible. My main focus was never the business, it was always about doing something for the people and that has Made my business explode to its current size. I will be honored if I can inspire others to follow their passions and never give up on their goals. I am committed to using my platform to empower and uplift other women, especially those who are facing challenges in male-dominated industries. Through networking, collaboration, and sharing knowledge, we can all rise up together and create a more inclusive and diverse environment. I am excited to see what the future holds and am eager to continue making a positive impact in the lives of those around me.’

Naima Rahman Orka also said that ‘’The journey was not without its challenges; however, nothing good comes easy. Being one of the first organizations in Bangladesh that introduced the international shopping experience with popular European brands that have remained underrated in our country till now requires maximum diligence. However, the feeling of achieving your goals makes the exhausting all-nighters and long, tiring days’ worth it!’’