Stern action against bank robbers, arms snatchers: Home Minister

Publish: 8:18 PM, April 4, 2024 | Update: 8:18 PM, April 4, 2024

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today vowed for taking stern action against those who were involved in armed attack and bank robbery in Bandarban.

“Bank robbery is not a small incident. Necessary measures will be taken as directed by the Prime Minister to strictly suppress the Kuki-chin menbers,” he told the journalists at his ministry office.

Kamal said those who committed incidents like bank robbery, armed looting and kidnapping of Sonali Bank Manager at Ruma and Thanchi upazilas of Bandarban, will be ensured exemplary punishment.

“We will ensure exemplary punishment. We will identify whoever behind the cause of this incident and take action.”

Replying to a question about geo-political issue, the minister said, “We don’t have any such information yet. There could be many things. We cannot say anything without getting proper information.”

“We don’t know why they suddenly did such an incident. But whatever for their purpose they do these things; we will not spare any of them. We are searching for them,” he said.

The minister said all sorts of measures will be taken-after getting information about the robbery and kidnapping and snatching firearms.

He also said that his ministry has been working in the same way as intelligence agencies are providing information.

Kamal said, “We have not yet received any information about sabotage on Pahela Baishakh or anything else. Even if it doesn’t come again, our precautions are being taken. We will find out the reason for the attack. Those who are responsible will be identified and brought to book.”

He said that all hideouts of Kuki Chin were eliminated by the RAB and Army, adding, “Later they crossed our border and took shelter in some other countries and started their activities again. They were also staying there.”

“Now they came from where and how we don’t know, sometimes their representatives talk to us. They also told that they want peace. But suddenly attacks and bank robberies were new to us. Moreover stern action will be taken against those involved in these incidents,” he added.