Hamza Yusuff: From University Halls to Entrepreneurial Heights

Publish: 6:19 PM, February 20, 2024 | Update: 6:19 PM, February 20, 2024

In the vibrant corridors of the University of Waterloo, amidst the buzz of ideas and the clatter of keyboards, Hamza Yusuff, a fourth-year Computer Science student, is crafting a narrative that transcends the conventional student life. His journey, woven with threads of ambition and innovation, is a testament to the power of blending education with entrepreneurship.

Beyond the textbooks and exams, Hamza is the mastermind behind Hexa, an EdTech startup poised to redefine educational paradigms in South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. With the vision of making education more cinematic and practise more efficient to K-12 education, Hamza (CEO) , alongside his co-founders Yasir Mohiuddin (CCO) , ASM Taseen (CTO) , and Shafkat Mohammed Irteja (COO) , launched Hexa. Yasir Mohiuddin has been hailed as the creative figurehead of the team, spearheading everything creative and product at Hexa. In just three weeks, their venture has captivated over 453+ active users and secured 23+ paid subscribers, a testament to the potential that lies ahead.

However, according to Hamza, the organic growth of Hexa is to be attributed to its Campus Ambassador program, led by Mehedi Al Mahmood (CEO of Komola Digital)  and featuring outstanding ambassadors like Kyaw Munn Oo Chomo, MD MUJTOBA SIRAJ, Zoheb Hasan, and Zoha Ibne Jalal. Chomo, in particular, has shown exceptional potential for leading the team towards significant growth.

Hamza’s narrative is not solely authored by his academic pursuits or his role at Hexa. His professional saga is enriched by stints at tech giants like Samsung, Wealthsimple, and NCR, where he worked in the software engineering team, absorbing wisdom and insights. The mentorship from industry stalwarts Scott Barr and Mohamed AbdAllah Omar has been pivotal, molding Hamza into an engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The subplot of Hamza’s journey unveils his role as a maestro orchestrating the success of multiple other business ventures, each designed to empower content creators across North America and Europe. Hamza has a distinguished track record of partnering with creators to debut their products and productized service agencies. His successful collaborations, including those with Canada’s premier plus-size male model and influencers who cumulatively boast over 500 million views, demonstrate the work he’s wielding within the creator economy. Currently, he’s exploring other business opportunities with direct design and staffing agencies.

But Hamza’s ambitions soar beyond the digital landscapes. His investments in media productions and nascent ventures across Southeast Asia reflect a broader vision, one that champions young entrepreneurs and innovation across sectors like media, apparel, and services. Moreover, his foray into the Canadian rental markets, alongside mentorship for fledgling startups, illustrates a multifaceted approach to entrepreneurship.

As Hamza stands at the threshold of scaling his companies and securing further funding for Hexa, his story unfolds as a beacon of innovation and determination. It’s a narrative that inspires, a reminder that the journey of an entrepreneur is not just about the destinations reached but the lives touched and the horizons expanded along the way.