Russia says struck ‘Ukrainian military-industrial complex’

Publish: 6:47 PM, January 13, 2024 | Update: 6:47 PM, January 13, 2024

Russia on Saturday said it destroyed all targets in a barrage of strikes on facilities producing ammunition and drones in Ukraine.

“This morning the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a group strike… against facilities of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex,” the defence ministry said in a daily briefing.

It said it was targeting places producing shells, gunpowder and unmanned aerial vehicles.

“All designated facilities were hit,” it added.

Ukraine earlier said it logged 40 drones and missiles launched from Russia, with eight missiles destroyed and “more than 20 devices” disabled by electronic warfare.

No fatalities were reported so far, but Ukrainian authorities said a civilian was wounded in the northeastern Sumy region.

The air force in Ukraine’s neighbour Poland said it had briefly activated air defence systems due to the increased level of threat, before returning to normal.