Tyger Media, parent company of Cablgram and Nutshell Today, raises First Seed funding

Publish: 10:45 PM, August 10, 2023 | Update: 10:45 PM, August 10, 2023

Media-tech company Tyger Media recently raised 1,50,00,000/= in seed funding from local Investors. Perhaps best known for serving as the parent company to Cablgram and Nutshell Today, Tyger Media also has its eyes set on opening and operating a third bite-sized media vertical in Bangla. Furthermore, their upcoming project, Robyn, aims to be a hub for creatives across the country, bridging the gap between local artists and clients abroad.

The company believes in the importance of making news and content more accessible and digestible for the busy and modern news reader through the concept of bite-sized news with a focus on what matters to the younger demographic.

While Nutshell Today and Cablgram both started individual operations in August 2020, they would later merge in September 2021, forming the parent company, Tyger Media. Both verticals currently boast around 1 crore monthly viewers on their social media platforms.

The company is headed by its CEO and co-founder, Shadman Sharar Haque. Other co-founders, including Ibnul Earfan, Arshad Uzzaman, Shazzadul Haque Rafi, and Tanzil Kabir, hold key executive positions in the company. “Tyger Media started off as a hopeful merger between Nutshell Today and Cablgram back in 2021. It’s incredible to see how far our little project has come since then and how much further we can go with this investment,” says Shadman Sharar Haque, CEO of Tyger Media.

Tyger Media is also one of the first companies in Bangladesh to revolutionize its workflow with the help of AI (artificial intelligence), making it faster, more streamlined, and less taxing for its employees.