Silk shopping gains momentum in Rajshahi

Publish: 12:37 PM, June 1, 2018 | Update: 12:37 PM, June 1, 2018

RAJSHAHI  – On the eve of holy Eid-ul-Fitr, shopping in the silk shops and showrooms has gained momentum.

The fashion passionate people use silk wears during Eid festival in this region which is famous for quality silk production.

Silk fabrics, weaved and designed by local artisans, are on huge demand in the Eid markets of the city, with the affluent people rushing to the city silk showrooms every day.

With attraction of eye-catching colour and design of the silk wears, large number of people irrespective of age and sex especially the adolescents are humming towards the showrooms to collect their best choice.

As a result, employees of the silk factories are passing their busiest times both days and night. Silk factories in the BSCIC are also operating round the clock.

According to the sources concerned, silk wears valued at around Taka 30- 35 crore are likely to be sold during the current Eid season.

Varieties of silk clothes namely Bolakakar Chupi, Sui-Sutakatan, Kotisilk, Joyashri, Silk Katan, Water Katan, Jamdanikatan, Borkatan, Dupiana, Jhornakatan, shari, three piece, orna, panjabi-paijama, shirt, fatua and
scarf are on display in every shop and showroom to attract the buyers.

The buyers from the richer class are also selecting and purchasing their best choice whatever the price is while the middle and low-income groups are seen bargaining with the sellers.

All the factories at BSCIC Estate are operating day and night and the laborers are passing their sleepless night ahead of the Eid festival.

Some five silk manufacturers like Sapura Silk, Usha Silk, Rajshahi Silk
Fashion, Amena Silk and Mohananda Silk are doing their brisk business after
taking advantages of the Eid market.

They also arranged and assembled new designs and colours this season.

The rich people are going to Sapura Silk Industrial Area to buy silk products. Sellers said the number of silk products buyers has been increased as the Eid is knocking at the door.

Saidur Rahman, Showroom in-charge of Sapura Silk, told BSS that katoar design shari on muslin is their greatest attraction for this Eid.

Different designs of saris are priced from Taka 3,500 to Taka 1,50,000. He said keeping in mind the choices of the customers, varieties of saris, punjabees, three-piece and children’s dresses were assembled at the showrooms.

Usha Silk has also brought new design panjabi with stripe art on silk which is being sold at Taka 1,900 to Taka 6,500 per piece.

Nur Alam Bulbul, showroom in-charge of Usha Silk, said their saries are
being sold at Taka 1,150 to Taka 50,500 and the three-pieces priced at Taka
2,500 to Taka 75,500.

Liakat Ali, President of Bangladesh Silk Industry Owners Association,
laid emphasis on elevating the sector for saving huge hard-earned foreign
currencies which are spent for import of the silk yarn.

He said the issue of the consumers’ demands should be given priority.
“The glorious silk sector is now facing an embarrassing situation due to
excessive price of foreign silk yarn and decline of local production,” he

He said the sector needs initiatives to retain the skilled laborers, especially the rearers, weavers and printers in the profession in the greater interest of the sector. There is no alternative to boosting local production to protect the sector.

Importance should be given on farmer level transfer and dissemination of the high-yielding mulberry trees and silk-cocoons and other relevant technologies so far innovated in the laboratory researches.

Liakat Ali laid stress on proper use of plant varieties and modern technologies at the growers’ level that is very essential to attain cherished goals in this field.

He mentioned that increased domestic production of yarn can help revitalize the traditional silk sector.