An integrated solution for your space

Publish: 9:11 PM, March 30, 2021 | Update: 9:11 PM, March 30, 2021

Real estate is constantly shapeshifting, with innovative solutions appearing every now and then to realize the dreams of people in Bangladesh. Recently bti has launched Square Feet Story, an integrated solution for both residential and commercial spaces. It has created quite a stir on social media and The Bangladesh Today (TBT) wanted to know all about it. In this regard TBT decided to talk with Mohammad Moniruzzaman, bti’s Chief Operating Officer, Sales and Marketing, to see what Square Feet Story is all about.

TBT: Please tell us what Square Feet Story has to offer for prospective customers?
Moniruzzaman: Square Feet Story is an integrated solution for the space you want to make. Since it is from bti, you can expect the best design, consultancy, and construction services. We have been in the real estate sector for almost four decades, which proves our sincerity and dedication. Our team of experts will help you to create a stunning space that will withstand the test of time and set trends.

TBT: Can you please elaborate on what other services SFS provides other than architectural and interior design?
Moniruzzaman: SFS is an integrated solution. So when we try to perfect the living or commercial space, we deeply think of how to maximise function and aesthetics. This is where our talented architects come in handy. Our interior designers also work hard to create fantastic spaces based on the client’s needs, environmental aspects, and trends.

Apart from these services, we also provide high-end construction and consultancy to help bring a building concept to completion. Our projects are design-led instead of build-led, with innovation at the core. Our logistic services are top-notch thanks to expert project planning teams. Planning permission, approvals, property extensions, and complex building alterations are just some of the things they work on. We also have landscaping experts who can beautify rooftops, terraces, walls, and other spaces with great care.

TBT: How did SFS come to be?
Moniruzzaman: As you know, we have been a leading real estate company for decades, with 350+ projects handed over on time. We have gained the trust and confidence of more than 6000 happy customers. To ease their concerns, we decided to bring all aspects of construction under one umbrella. Say for example, if a person wants to design a farmhouse, our team of architects can help. If a person wants to build a restaurant with a certain design in mind we will cater to that as well. If a person has a ready apartment but needs help with interiors, our experts can fulfill those requirements. Basically SFS is an easy solution to whatever you deem necessary for your dream space to come to completion.

TBT: What is the scope of work for SFS?
Moniruzzaman: SFS listens to clients accordingly. This is our greatest strength. We use our expertise to fulfill both their requirements as well as aspirations, but of course in relation to the site and surroundings. One can choose any one service or choose multiple services from us. We will not disappoint!

TBT:What are the challenges and opportunities you had to experience with SFS?
Moniruzzaman: We just started and there is competition out there. They are providing the same services as us. However, we believe that because of bti’s excellent reputation we are unique. Customers come to us knowing that they will get nothing but the best in return. We are professional and we exercise complete transparency regarding all matters.

TBT: What about the vision of Square Feet Story?
Moniruzzaman: Our aim is to become the leading and most trustworthy integrated solution for all design, construction management, and space related services. We want to extend our services to all REHAB members, businesspersons, landowners, and homeowners. Since SFS started as a form of accountability to our customers, we feel that as a part of our corporate social responsibility we should extend our knowledge and expertise in design, construction management, and consultancy.