Financial, real progress of 1,650 development projects laudable: IMED

Publish: 5:37 PM, March 22, 2019 | Update: 5:37:PM, March 22, 2019

DHAKA,  – The financial progress of some 621 projects while the real progress of some 1,029 projects were laudable out of 1,740 development projects in the Revised Annual Development Programme (RADP) of the last fiscal year (FY18).

This was revealed at an implementation progress review report of the RADP for FY18 under some 57 ministries and divisions submitted before the recent National Economic Council (NEC) meeting held with NEC chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.

The Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) of the Planning Ministry submitted the report. Analyzing the report, it was found that the financial and real progress of these projects was 100 percent or above.

The report showed that the financial progress of some 558 projects while the real progress of some 249 projects was satisfactory.

Besides, the financial progress of some 159 projects while the real progress of 123 projects was somewhat satisfactory. But, the financial progress of some 237 projects and the real progress of some 193 projects was, however, not satisfactory.

In the last fiscal year, some 292 projects were kept for completion by June 2018, but the overall number of completed projects totaled 188.

Besides, some 58 projects which were not supposed to be completed by the last year were declared completed by the ministries and divisions concerned. As a result, the total number of completed projects stood at 246.

The review report also indicated that some 90 projects witnessed zero financial progress in the RADP of the last fiscal year (2017-18).

The report cited delay in invitation of tender bids for the newly included projects, non responsive of the tenders, non availability of project loans, delay in release of funds, non acquisition of land, problems relating to cases, revision of the DPP, delay in approval of the RDPP, delay in striking agreements with the development partners and nominal allocation as some of the notable reasons for having zero implementation progress during the period.

Talking to BSS, an IMED official said such trend indicated that the ministries and divisions concerned might have not given due efforts towards implementing these projects under the ADP.

The official said concentrated efforts are needed from all concerned for ensuring proper implementation of the development projects under the ADP through utmost utilisation of the country’s resources.

The IMED report also showed that during the FY 18, a total of 98 projects witnessed zero real progress, or no infrastructural work, although Taka 1,290.09 crore were allocated against these projects.

Apart from these, Taka 1 Lakh was earmarked against each of some 25 projects in FY 18, but all of those except two projects saw no progress.

According to the IMED, about Taka 1,48,305.78 crore was spent in the last fiscal year out of the revised ADP allocation of Taka 1,57, 594.39 crore, raising the implementation rate to 94.11 percent. The last fiscal year also witnessed Taka 41,221.23 crore more expenditure than the FY17.

Of the amount, Taka 89,371.03 crore was spent from the government exchequer which was 92.77 percent of the overall revised allocation in local resources.

On the other hand, some Taka 49,863.32 crore was spent from the project assistance part which was also 95.80 percent of revised allocation from the project assistance part.