PUBG mobile game ‘Addict’ Got Addmitted To hospital

A fitness trainer got admitted to the hospital after he was addicted to PUBG MOBILE. The trainer apparently injured himself due to immense addiction

Publish: 8:28 AM, January 11, 2019 | Update: 8:29:AM, January 11, 2019

Every now and then, we have been exposed to reports of young minds falling prey to PUBG MOBILE’s addiction. PUBG MOBILE is unarguably one of the most popular games in recent times and has taken over everyone’s imagination by storm. The game has led to several sacrifice precious moments of their life just to win a match against 99 other real players from the world. It is this immense addiction that made a fitness trainer from jammu kashmir,India get admitted to a hospital. Yes, a fitness trainer.

A fitness trainer from Jammu was admitted to the hospital after the game’s addiction took over his senses. The fitness trainer, as Indian Express reports, was introduced to PUBG MOBILE ten days ago and immediately got addicted to the game after playing a single match. The addiction rose to such as extent that while playing the game, the man started hitting himself, eventually injuring himself badly. The man had to be admitted to a hospital for medical attention.

“The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance,” said a doctor treating him. The doctor also went on to say that the patient has lost his consciousness and in entirely under the influence of PUBG. The treatment has been initiated and the trainer is currently under observation. The doctors say that he should be fit in a span of a few days.

However, the doctors say this isn’t the first time such a case has happened. There were prior reports of children getting immensely addicted to PUBG and traumatised by the game. “These are the cases that have been examined and diagnosed after the patients were brought to the hospital but we apprehend that there might be many other such cases existing but either left ignored or not being understood by the families,” said one of the hospital sources.

PUBG’s hardcore battle royale style gameplay has drawn players in large numbers but affected most of them adversely. The game’s console-level attention to gameplay physics and details has made for a high-quality gaming experience on smartphones. And since it’s free to play, most smartphone users don’t mind keeping the game on their smartphones. Children and youngsters have lapped up the game highly, with the publishers coming up with eSports tournaments in several cities across the country.

Looking at the negative effects, several institutions have taken upon themselves to ban the game. Vellore Institute of Technology has banned PUBG MOBILE inside its campus while the locals in Jammu and Kashmir have appealed to the government to get the game banned in the state. China’s Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee was also reported to ban violent games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Despite the bans and injuries, PUBG MOBILE has made its way to the top, nabbing various accolades such as the Google Play game of the year on Android, both by critics as well as consumers. The PC version has also been one of the highest revenue generating games on Steam.
Source:Indian express