Cholera breaks out in southwestern Burundi: minister

Publish: 2:02 PM, December 29, 2018 | Update: 2:02:PM, December 29, 2018

BUJUMBURA  – At least 45 cholera cases have been reported in the health district of Rumonge in Rumonge Province, southwestern Burundi, near Lake Tanganyika, the Burundian health minister said Friday.

The first case of cholera was declared in Rumonge town on Tuesday and was confirmed by the national reference laboratory located in the capital Bujumbura, said Thaddee Ndikumana, minister of public health and AIDS
control, at a press conference in Bujumbura.

The first declared case has been cured and left the hospital, said Ndikumana.

The main causes of cholera are the recent heavy rains that destroyed latrines in the Rumonge town as well as lack of potable water, he added.

“With the support of partners, we are going to provide clean drinking water to Rumonge town. I also urge residents in Rumonge as well as in other areas to abide by hygiene rules,” said the minister.

Residents living near Lake Tanganyika in the province of Rumonge are said to drink and use the lake water which is unhealthy.