‘Outlaw King’ star Chris Pine says film’s bloodlust is overshadowed by brief nudity

Publish: 3:37 PM, December 6, 2018 | Update: 3:54:PM, December 10, 2018

Chris Pine on Friday expressed surprise that, for all the bloodlust in Netflix’s Outlaw King, audiences were preoccupied with his full-front nudity onscreen after the Robert the Bruce epic opened the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday night.
“We all have certain body parts, and people want to talk about that, but there’s so much deboweling and beheading in this film, it nearly makes your mind spin,” Pine told a press conference for Outlaw King at Bell Lightbox in Toronto. “That somehow [the violence] to a human modern audience is not nearly as interesting or revelatory than someone showing a sex scene or a penis.”
In Outlaw King, Pine reunites with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie for a historical epic about Robert the Bruce, the Scottish king.
Shot in 8K, the historical epic moves back and forth between epic battle scenes and intimate moments, which had social media buzzing after the movie revealed Pine’s nudity during a bathing scene. “The guy’s having a bath, and people don’t tend to do that with their clothes on,” Mackenzie added in defense of his star.
Pine urged movie audiences to question why showing people making love, or “what we have is somehow a Google Alert.” The more important message from Outlaw King, he added, is “human beings can be beasts.”
“It was really important to show that we are all animals ultimately,” he told the TIFF presser. “We are animals on the savannah and the tigers have come over, and one of these animals is going to win.”
|Source: Hollywood Reporter