RJ Zibraan wants to see his self in a better place!

Publish: 8:11 PM, September 5, 2023 | Update: 8:11 PM, September 5, 2023

Everyone knows Zibraan as RJ Zibraan on social media Facebook. There are probably few people who watch videos on Facebook but have not seen his videos, this young man uploads videos on positive attitude, change of perspective and human values. By showing the charm of his presentation, he got quite familiar with the audience and audience of Facebook. Zibraan said it took time to learn to speak well. After passing HSC, my parents wanted me to study engineering; But I already knew after listening to them that I would be a very bad engineer if I studied engineering. Zibraan also said that his inclination towards cricket was from his childhood, after long practice, his opportunity came in under 14. Love for painting was also strong, at the age of 9, after winning first in a drawing competition, my picture was published in the newspaper, then I saw myself on the pages of the first newspaper. Scouting was a part of my school life, with an incredible experience like the World Scout Jamboree. Due to studies, I went to Dhaka and got involved with radio. In 2021, however, a new identity writer has been added next to his name. The beginning of writing was sudden, without planning, the first novel ‘Gahira’ was published from Shabshaila. My second book published in 2022 Amar Ekushe Granth Mela. Although I have acted in a play, the actor is going to add a new identity to his name. Brought up in Rajshahi, this young man completed his SSC and HSC in Rajshahi. Currently studying BBA. As an RJ on Bangla Radio, he became a favorite of the audience in a short time. Currently working in Q FM 95.3 Bangla located in Qatar. How is radio jockey as a profession? What is there to say for young people? When asked, he said, I want to say for the youth, money is important. Life has to be lived in two ways. Or get what you want and be fine. It is also important to be well. Radio Jockey (RJ) profession is not favorable nowadays, if you want to fulfill your passion, it is better to come into this profession. It is not a good career for earning money. I think those who are interested in working should pay attention to language, not only Bengali language – English language skills are also required. Zibraan said, “By publishing my work on social media, I encourage the young generation to do positive work and I want to continue doing it