Aladdin’s Cherag is working in crime prevention and philanthropy

Publish: 8:09 PM, September 5, 2023 | Update: 8:09 PM, September 5, 2023

Sociable people are altruistic. One comes forward in another’s danger, stands side by side and sympathizes. In addition to being busy for their own happiness, people can also put a smile on the face of others if they want to. Faridul Alam of Cox’s Bazar is one such selfless person who uses technology to benefit people. Eidgaon Upazila bus station has a unique organization for philanthropy “Aladdin’s Cherag”. In last 2 years it has rendered selfless service to thousands of affected people. ‘Aladdin’s Cherag’ is basically a shop for smart devices. Here Md Faridul Alam works to return their lost items to people using technology in addition to his business. There are many financial institutions around the institution including banks. People are constantly being robbed or cheated here. Faridul used technology to stand by the destitute people around the shop and saw their suffering. In 2021, he installed CC cameras at 13 important locations at his own expense in public interest. The display is on a large TV in front of the store. It is seen almost every day, people who have lost money, gold ornaments, motorcycles, tomtoms and other vehicles and belongings in the clutches of fraudsters and thieves come to ‘Aladdin’s Cherag’. Faridul identified the fraudster or thief by looking at the CCTV camera. Then contact the thief or fraudster to recover the lost item, or assist the consumer in obtaining legal assistance as appropriate. If the fraudster or thief is not detected, he edits the footage and uploads it on Facebook. In most cases, thieves or fraudsters are detected by watching the video. People are happy to get back their lost motorcycle, gold ornaments, tomtom, money or various things. Basically, his intention is to spread the benefits of technology around him and make people aware. It is known that since the public press is not allowed to monitor itself, he had to suffer in the beginning. Seeing that his selfless work is benefiting people, everyone now supports him. It is known that Nandit presenter Hanif Sanket broadcasted a report on his activities in Bangladesh Television’s popular magazine program etc. aired on December 31, 2021. At present, Faridul has developed a Lost and Found Network with the volunteers of Eidgaon Upazila to facilitate his work. It acts as the rear wing of Aladdin’s lamp. 11 members of the group directly participated in the recovery of the lost items. When asked, Faridul said, the beginning is with Eidgaon bus station. Later, cheated people from various districts including Cox’s Bazar started sending videos for uploading on the Facebook page ‘Aladdin’s Cherag’. In most cases, fraudsters or thieves are identified. Within the district, the Lost and Found Network provides direct support. If the fraudster or thief is identified outside the district, the consumers get the lost items back under the protection of the law. When asked to know, Eidgaon’s heroic freedom fighter Master Nurul Azim said that Faridul does not take any compensation to return their belongings to people who have been victimized by theft or fraud. His selfless service is exemplary. Rajibul Haque Chowdhury Rico, general secretary of the Eidgaon Bazar Traders Management Committee, said that many people have received the positive services of Aladdin’s Charag to get justice for various frauds or criminal acts committed in the market