New political unity ‘Liberal Islamic Alliance’ launched

Publish: 1:19 PM, September 5, 2023 | Update: 1:19 PM, September 5, 2023

Calling upon the countrymen to resist the interference of foreigners, the leaders of a new political alliance named ‘Liberal Islamic Alliance’ on Monday said that ‘we people of Bangladesh are capable enough to resolve our crisis by our own; we never need the support from outsiders’.  

They said the country is passing through a juncture. The defeated enemies and betrayers, hiding within the government who had created an environment of killing the father of the nation after the war of liberation, now the same enemies and the successors of betrayers have been united again. And they are trying to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib”.  

The alliance leaders made such statement while addressing a press conference, organized to make the formal announcement of the alliance named “Liberal Islamic Alliance”, an unity of six like-minded political parties, all of whom believe in the spirit of the war of liberation.

The press conference took place at the national Press Club in the capital.

Chairman of Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP), Dr. Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed presided over the press conference while Chairman of Bangladesh Islami Oikkyo Jote (BIOJ), Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury red out a written statement on behalf of the new six-party alliance.

Chairman of Ashekine Awlia Oikkya Parisad Bangladesh, Shah Sufi Syed Alam Nuri Al Suresswari, Chairman of Bangladesh Jana Dal (BJD), Md. Mahbubur Rahman Joy Chowdhury, Chairman of Krishak Sromik Party (KSP), Begum Farzana Huq Chowdhury, Chairman of National Awami Party (NAP Vasani), Md. Hashrat Khan Vasani were also present.

The Secretary Generals and other senior leaders of all the parties were present on the occasion.

Describing the perspectives of forming the new alliance, the leaders said despite unprecedented development works done by the government, a segment of corrupt, dishonest traders’ syndicate and bureaucrats are remaining engaged in laundering huge amount of money in abroad.

Rejecting the statement, made by 130 eminent persons, especially by Hillary Clinton, in favor of Nobel Laureate Dr. Yunus, the alliance leaders termed the statement as a naked interference in internal issues of Bangladesh.

Regarding the upcoming national elections they said, the new alliance wants a free, fair, participatory and acceptable election in the country, but not through a caretaker government system.

In the maiden press conference, the alliance registered a 10-point demands.

They urged to operate effective drives immediately to controlling the alarming Dengue situation through forging a Task Force comprising of the City Mayors.

They also stressed to stop misuse of the amended cyber security act and to bring more amendment in the act in consultation with the experts and stakeholders of the sector.

They demanded to take stern actions against those who are making propaganda and practicing falsehood against the country’s military forces.