Noman of BD Best Ever Food is now a successful food blogger

Publish: 6:52 PM, August 29, 2023 | Update: 6:52 PM, August 29, 2023

Abdullah Al Noman is one of the food bloggers of our country. His Facebook page BD Best Ever Food has more than 1.3 million followers. Already crossed more than 700k subscribers on YouTube. Although food blogging started on social media around 2013-14, Noman’s BD Best Ever Food started at the end of the Corona epidemic. Different types of communities are developing around food blogging. People from different fields have brought themselves together through food blogging. Abdullah Al Noman was asked in an interview, how did he associate himself with food blogging? In reply, Noman of BD Best Ever Food in Mymensingh said, I was spending time alone at home during the Corona epidemic when I saw some Korean food bloggers eating and their income was also increasing. Then I thought to try something different. At the end of 2020, I suddenly felt like starting food blogging. I opened a Facebook page called ‘BD Best Ever Food’ and started uploading food reviews and videos there. And I also have a YouTube channel called ‘BD Best Ever Food’. I am constantly uploading videos there. Noman is currently a student in a madrasa. His friend helps him in this work. After taking pictures of different foods, video footage and editing, upload the video. How did this food blogging start in Bangladesh? In response to the question, Noman said, “Initially, food blogging started in Bangladesh with Facebook as a platform. A group of food lovers started food blogging through a Facebook group with the same objective to know about the food of Bangladesh, its price, quality, reputation and deliciousness. Although at first it was not known as food blogging. People who love writing and photography are slowly joining here. People highlight the taste of food through aesthetic writing and tasteful pictures. And this is how food blogging was developed, which is now responding well to Instagram beyond Facebook. With the benefit of the internet, food blogging is now being developed in various departmental cities as well. In this way, no one has to face the problem of experiencing food in a new place. As a result, this food blogging is becoming quite popular as both money and time are saved. Food bloggers usually go to restaurants like customers. Eat and drink and make sure that the staff follow the rules of the restaurant! Then they make their own report. According to him, the most important thing to join this work is the ability to keep track. Just checking the taste of the food is not enough. Whether the restaurant is clean enough or not, whether the staff is providing proper service or not, all must be taken care of. If we take Dhaka as an example, we will see most foreign food or fast food shops in Dhaka. Mughal food stalls like bakarkhani, biryani, lacchi, paan etc. can be found in old Dhaka. And because there is a cultural change among everyone through this food blogging, many foreign food restaurants are available in Old Dhaka today. Traditional dishes are available in New Dhaka. Not only Dhaka, but also in other divisional cities this food is changing. Many consider food blogging as a profession. But although it cannot be called as a profession, it is a necessary part of the food industry. Food recipes, restaurant reviews, food stories can all be in a food blog. In addition, the food must be a picture that wants to eat when you see it! This responsibility is fulfilled by food bloggers. To become a food blogger, you don’t just love to eat. You have to think about food. It is important to know about different foods.