Labik Gourab ventures into new genre with upcoming song ‘Premer Manush’

Publish: 11:45 PM, July 8, 2023 | Update: 11:45 PM, July 8, 2023

Known for his soulful performances of baul and folk songs, Labik Kamal Gourab is about to embark on an exciting new chapter in his two-decade-long singing career. Stepping into uncharted musical territory, Gourab is set to unveil his latest song, “Premer Manush”, this Eid on the YouTube and Facebook page of Studio LKG.

Collaborating with ten exceptionally talented artistes and musicians, Gourab has penned the lyrics and composed the song.

Speaking about the song, Gourab revealed, “I have arranged a unique blend of funk rock and yoga raag. The song features traditional hand-played acoustic instruments, and the accompanying musicians are well-known for their work on platforms like Coke Studio Bangla. It is rare to witness performances with such a harmonious ensemble of musicians in our country, and we all embarked on this musical journey with immense joy.”‘

The track features vocals by Ahnaf Khan Anik, Farshid Alam, Sharfuddin Rabbi, Raheen Haider, Swayantan Masang, and Sarwar Sohail. Joining them in this musical endeavour are Jannatul Firdous Akbar, Mehbooba Minhaj Bipa, and Nigar Sultana Mimi.

In 2000, Gaurav formed his own band, Ajob. After an illustrious decade with the band, he pursued music and sound engineering studies in the UK in 2011, focusing on music management and his solo career.

The talented artiste is now gearing up to release an album, showcasing his versatility in this new genre.

Gourab expressed, “I have a treasure trove of songs waiting to be heard. Through my music, I aim to present a side of Gourab that the audience has yet to experience. Having grown up in the city, I am confident that the same audience who embraced me in folk songs will also embrace this new form of musical expression.”