Humayun Kabir Himu’s new novel ‘Himur Chhaya’ published

Publish: 9:31 PM, March 27, 2023 | Update: 9:31 PM, March 27, 2023

TBT REPORT : Humayun Kabir Himu’s new novel “Himur Chhaya” has been published in Amar Ekushey Granthmela-2023. This is Humayun Kabir Himu’s ninth novel.
Humayun Kabir Himu is a familiar face, a familiar name to today’s young society. One such writer who came, saw and conquered was Humayun Kabir Himu. Humayun Kabir Himu is not a new face or a new name in the literary world. Since 2016, new novels of the author are being published regularly in every book fair. This year’s book fair was no exception.
Even after doing a corporate job, Humayun Kabir is writing a new novel for the readers by creating time from life.
Humayun Kabir Himu has presented the life story of the middle class very well in his novel. When we read the author’s novel, we will not think that we are reading a novel. We will feel like we are talking to our very own person. Once we start reading a novel by Humayun Kabir Himu, we cannot stop reading it. There is a strong attraction in the author’s writing. Reading one page will make us curious to know what is on the next page. Even after finishing reading like this, you will have an insatiable dream! Here is the magic of Humayun Kabir Himu’s writing or novel. The author has the ability to hold the readers in a hook.
Humayun Kabir Himu’s new novel “Himu Chhaya” was sold out on the seventh day of the book fair. Copies of the second print of “Himur Chhaya” are now available. From this the popularity of Humayun Kabir Himu is revealed. In a very short time, Humayun Kabir Himu has made a place in the hearts of readers. And the author is also expressing his love to the readers by publishing new novels every year at the book fair. Humayun Kabir Himu’s new novel “Himur Chhaya” is simultaneously available at Dhaka and Chittagong. The novel is published by Gyankosh Prakashani.